Christian Bale’s new thriller opens up an internal investigation on Netflix’s top ten charts

Christian Bale's latest mystery fails to take the Netflix throne from 'Glass Onion'
Image: Netflix

Netflix is facing an internal investigation crisis on their top ten charts, with Christian Bale mounting a charge against Glass Onion for the platform’s most streamed movie.

Bale’s new streaming original film The Pale Blue Eye has entered the Netflix charts with fury, with it looking to dislodge the Rian Johnson sequel. The Pale Blue Eye is the polar opposite in setting to the glamorous and bougie Glass Onion, but it hasn’t stopped audiences from being intrigued.

In its first week on Netflix, The Pale Blue Eye only just fell short of dethroning Glass Onion as Netflix’s most-viewed film of the week. Sitting in the second spot with a staggering 42.9 million hours viewed, it was a mere million and a half off Glass Onion’s third week score of 44.3 million hours. Bale’s period piece is the first big release for Netflix in 2023, and it’s looking like a smart investment.

The Pale Blue Eye sees a murder investigation unfurl at West Point military academy, where famed writer Edgar Allen Poe is currently situated – years before he came to fame. The intrigue sees Bale’s Augustus Landor hired by the military to get to the bottom of the grueling murders.

Despite good audience viewership, it has seen just mediocre reviews from critics as Bale’s new mystery flick challenges the streaming summit. Sitting at 65 percent from critics, and 73 percent from audiences, it won’t be one-upping the Knives Out sequel’s astonishing critical reception.

The Pale Blue Eye is currently available to stream on Netflix, alongside a limited theatrical release.