Brad Dourif To Return For Curse Of Chucky, Starts Filming In September

Back in March it was reported two Child’s Play projects were being toyed with, one an MGM reboot/remake being teased for years and the other a spin-off titled Revenge of Chucky. But, with the iconic voice of Chucky Brad Dourif still not having a script in hand for either at that point, movement on the projects seemed to be at a snail’s pace.

For those of you that had given up hope of ever seeing either project, you’ll be delighted to know that Bloody Disgusting has just reported some concrete updates on the franchise, finally putting the rumors to rest. As you probably know, Chucky creator Don Mancini will be directing/writing/producing a Child’s Play sequel titled Curse of Chucky. Now, Bloody Disgusting tells us that Brad Dourif will be returning to reprise his role.

Shooting is set to begin on the picture in Winnipeg, Canada sometime in September and casting has already begun. We also have a character list and short synopsis on Curse of Chucky, as reported by Bloody Disgusting:

In the fifth sequel, a family gathers for a funeral, only to be met with an insane bloodbath caused by the infamous Chucky. The question is: what is the “curse” the titles eludes to?

The cast will include the characters Nica, Ian, Barb, Jill, Sarah and Father Frank. Nica is a young wheelchair-bound girl who receives the doll; Ian is the father and Nica’s brother-in-law suspicious his wife is cheating on him; Barb is a mean-spirited and greedy woman, Nica’s older sister; Jill is the lead and is a nanny having a secret affair with Barb; Sarah is Nica’s mother whom commits suicide.

Mancini himself has wanted to bring the franchise back into the dark horror world for years after watching Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky both wander down a more comedic path.  It’s being reported Curse of Chucky will ignore those last two efforts, picking up where Child’s Play 3 left off.  Sorry Jennifer Tilly fans, all signs are pointing to her being absent here.  There are also rumors that the film could go direct to DVD.

UPDATE:  Movieline is now reporting Curse of Chucky *will* be direct to DVD.

Being a huge horror nut, news like this comes double-sided. Will Curse of Chucky be just another ill-advised attempt to resurrect an iconic horror figure like Friday the 13 (2009)/Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), or will Chucky once again strike fear into viewers?

For me, I’m just happy that the film is a sequel and not a reboot or remake. Now we’ll get to dive further into the franchise, instead of just starting over. With Mancini in full control and Dourif’s participation locked in, Curse of Chucky could be exactly what the Child’s Play franchise needs.

What do you guys think?  Is anyone else excited for Chucky’s return?