Taking A Closer Look At The Cast Of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


Riz Ahmed is a British actor and rapper, probably best known for his role in last year’s haunting Nightcrawler, in which he played Jake Gyllenhaal’s doomed partner. The actor garnered acclaim for his turn as Omar in the excellent Four Lions, and has also appeared in the likes of  The Road to Guantanamo, Shifty, Britz, Ill Manors, and The Reluctant Fundamentalist. 

So, what can we tell about his character from this image? Well, the goggles and tools adorning his person seem to suggest that he’s fond of a bit of tinkering, and he also happens to be sitting down to work on a console of some sort. So, it’s a safe bet this guy (whatever his name is) is the engineer/techie of the group; possibly even the pilot – although that could well be this next fella’s job…