Cloud Atlas Pushed To Earlier Date, Susan Sarandon To Play Indian Man

Photo credit to the Film Stage

News that Susan Sarandon will be playing an Indian man in the upcoming, mind-boggling film Cloud Atlas really isn’t all that surprising.

The illustrious actress, prominent for her roles in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Thelma & Louise and Dead Man Walking, has recently let slip in an interview with Post Media that she will be playing an Indian man in Tom Tykwer and The Wachowskis’ race and gender-bending film.

In further news on the film, Indie Wire reports that a Warner Brothers’ announcement says Cloud Atlas has been bumped to October 26th  and the duration has been speculated to be approximately 160 minutes.

Based on the novel by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas may be one of the most ambitious films that we’ve seen in a long time – at least, in terms of sheer confusion, multiple storylines running along multiple timelines and a diverse cast of unconventional characters that are all somehow connected. The novel’s numerous themes include re-incarnation, humanity’s moral triumphs and failures, freedom and the derogation of rights, slavery and civilization.

Although Cloud Atlas looks like it may collapse under its own greatness, I’m rooting for the film. Directors Andy and Lana Wachowski are notable for directing The Matrix Trilogy and adapting V for Vendetta. Plus, the book sounds an awful lot like the same brand of deranged magnitude that has permeated comic book continuity.

What do you guys think? Does this film have a chance at succeeding?