The Most Compelling Real Life Stories Brought To Film

John Goodman and Ben Affleck in Argo

The Oscars and the hubbub of awards season now settling into memory and looking back on 2012, it was a very good year for glorious portraits of actual individuals in action. As we celebrate the success of Best Picture Argo (such an understatement!) and fellow nominees Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, it seems a perfect time to take a look back at some of the other most compelling real life stories brought to film.

With literally dozens of worthy real life stories available, today we’ll stick with those in the same vein as our current titans: ten stories of military operation, of leadership and teamwork, of Davids facing Goliaths vicious and powerful, of hot-blooded passion, bone-chilling realization, and just plain grit.

Brace yourself and get your queue list ready!

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