6 Great Horror Sequels That Got No Love

4) The Exorcist III (1990)

George C. Scott in The Exorcist III

The first sequel to William Friedkin’s masterpiece not to feature Linda Blair’s head-spinning Regan MacNeil, this one is actually based on the 1983 novel Legion by William Peter Blatty and attempted to redeem the franchise for the financial disappointment of The Exorcist II: The Heretic.

Blatty – who also wrote and directed the film – had envisioned it as a standalone entry, but the studio subsequently ordered reshoots and released it under its current title to maximize its commercial potential.

Even so, The Exorcist III earned mixed reviews and poor box office when it hit theaters. Yet, in the years since, the film – which centers on a string of murders apparently committed by a deceased serial killer – has gained a cult following for both its efforts in delivering a cohesive, stylish horror film and the fascinating story behind its production.

Twenty-five years later, fans have continued clamoring for a director’s cut of Blatty’s original vision, which could very well receive its long-awaited release in the near future.