We Got This Covered Critics Pick The Best Films Of 2014 (So Far…)


As on any entertainment website, the movie critics here at We Got This Covered don’t always agree with one another when it comes to the latest and greatest at the multiplex. Was Godzilla a trainwreck or one of the best monster movies in years? Was X-Men: Days of Future Past a waste of time or a future classic? And is The Lego Movie awesome, or is it COMPLETELY FREAKING AWESOME? (Not much arguing on that front, actually).

Here we are at the half-way point in 2014, and so it’s time for We Got This Covered’s fine roster of critics to count off their top five best movies from this year. In the mix? A tiny found-footage horror flick with the kick of a mule, Marvel’s latest and possibly most marvelous outing yet, a brilliantly complex sci-fi head-scratcher, an insightful doc about one of the most vilified political figures in U.S. history, Wes Anderson’s dazzling and most personal film to date – and many, many more.

Lending their voices to the discussion this year are critics Matt Donato, Isaac Feldberg, Adam Donaldson, Dominic Mill and James Garcia. With no further adieu, here are their picks for the best films from 2014 so far…