The 19 Best Movie Moments Of 2014


In any given year, hundreds of movies are released across a broad range of genres. There are juggernaut tentpoles with vast budgets, and small independent projects made on a shoestring. Some break box office records, while many sink without a trace. A handful arrive with ‘awards buzz’ already attached, and some take us entirely by surprise. All of them represent the creative endeavour of ambitious individuals, but a few of them – just a few – contain moments that linger long after the final credits roll.

These moments are, of course, entirely subjective – as is the entire movie-watching experience – but some are moments that resonate so loudly and powerfully that they stay with many people, rather than one alone. Perhaps they are particularly funny, or inspire an upsurge of emotion. Maybe it is pivotal to the story, and therefore impacts greatly on the viewing experience. Whatever the reason for the moment standing out, stand out it does, and in a positive way.

Join us, as the writers of We Got This Covered look back on what they consider to be the best movie moments of 2014.