The Dark Knight Rises Will Be Christopher Nolan’s Final Batman Film

With pre-sale tickets going on sale today, anticipation for The Dark Knight Rises just keeps mounting. Everyone and their grandmothers are getting out their capes and pointy-eared bat masks to get ready for the final installment of Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight trilogy. While the good news is that the film isn’t too far off now, the bad news is that Deadline recently confirmed that Nolan, speaking at the Produced By Conference, has no intention of creating a fourth film in the series.

Although Nolan had only planned one Batman film, the success of Batman Begins led the filmmaker to craft a trilogy instead. As many involved with the The Dark Knight Rises have previously hinted, Nolan chose to accomplish what he could with a trilogy and is sticking to his convictions. In an age of endless sequels and dying franchises, it’s promising to see a visionary such as Nolan not give in to studio demands for more cash cows.

As successful as The Dark Knight trilogy has been, Nolan is still a fantastic filmmaker, and as evidenced by films such as Inception and The Prestige, he will continue to create fantastic works outside of his flagship series.

Remember to pick up your pre-sale tickets for The Dark Knight Rises today and get ready for the film’s release on July 20th!