Dave Bautista Reportedly Wants To Do An Army Of The Dead Prequel

Army of the Dead

As is to be expected from a zombie movie with a sprawling ensemble cast, not a lot of characters made it out Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead alive. In fact, out of the eleven-strong group that went in to pull off a daring heist in a quarantined Las Vegas, only two came out on the other side, and things were not looking good for Omari Hardwick’s Vanderohe following the credits scene.

However, Netflix are intent to launch a multimedia franchise, so the prequel route has immediately been taken, with two new Army of the Dead projects on their way to streaming. Matthias Schweighöfer directs Army of Thieves and reprises his role as Dieter in what’s been described as a romantic comedy crime caper set against the backdrop of an undead uprising, while the animated Lost Vegas tells the story of how the onset of the zombie apocalypse affected several familiar faces.

We’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Netflix were developing a spinoff series for The Witcher long before Blood Origin was announced – that Dave Bautista wants to pick up from where Lost Vegas leaves off and headline a live-action prequel following Scott Ward, which would presumably track how the former soldier’s experiences in fighting off zombies led to him flipping burgers in the middle of nowhere.

Bautista is involved with Lost Vegas, but Joe Manganiello’s mysterious Rose has been confirmed as the protagonist, so the companion series could realistically set up any number of potential stories for additional seasons, more prequels, spinoffs and that insane idea Snyder has for his next Army of the Dead blockbuster, whatever form it ends up taking.