David O. Russell Eager To Write The Fighter 2

After Mark Wahlberg recently spoke about his wishes for a sequel to The Fighter, we now have more news on the potential film, and this time it comes from director David O. Russell. The Fighter was Russell’s first film without a writing credit, which was somewhat surprising since he likes to have full control over his projects.

Speaking of projects, after the success of The Fighter, Russell has his pick of films and one of the ones that he is eager to do next is The Fighter 2. Speaking about the film he said, “I think that would be awesome, I just love those characters and I think we could do a lot of fun and interesting stuff.” He went onto say that he would do it “whenever anyone says they’re ready, I’m ready to write it.” When asked if that meant he would help with the script, he said he would “definitely want to be involved in that.”

With both Russell and Wahlberg behind the project it’s really just a question of timing, as it usually is in Hollywood. There is no doubt in my mind that it will get made, the question is when will it be made? Russell and Wahlberg both have a lot projects on their plates and are quite busy. That being said, seeing how well the first film did, I’m sure the studio is eager to put out The Fighter 2.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we see it. You also have to figure that with a director/writer in place, and a leading actor, it shouldn’t be too hard to get this one off the ground. Furthermore, I’m sure all of the principal cast will return, which would make the whole process of getting it into production even quicker/easier.