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DC shakeup has SnyderVerse fans more than a little concerned

We also know that fans are never going to give up on seeing it restored.

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You have to admire the unwavering dedication of SnyderVerse supporters, who continue to hold firm in their support despite the odds regularly being stacked against them. After all, a lot of people never expected a four-hour cut of Justice League to ever happen, and it not only came to life, but went down as one of last year’s biggest success stories on streaming.

We’ve been inundated by rumor and speculation touting the SnyderVerse for a restoration and resurrection in the wake of Discovery’s merger with Warner Bros., but there’s now a feeling that the opposite could be the case. David Zaslav has wasted no time in stamping his authority on the company as its new CEO, overseeing a boardroom bloodbath.

The Wonder Twins adaptation was also ruthlessly canceled, with the executive making it clear that he sees the future of DC Films existing exclusively on the big screen. As you can see from some of the reactions below, the fanbase is once again at war with itself as the future of the SnyderVerse took another unexpected turn.

The saga has been dragging on for close to half a decade already, but there are still several important remnants of the SnyderVerse who remain part of the DCEU. Ezra Miller’s Flash, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ben Affleck’s Batman, and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman all got their start in the filmmaker’s side of the mythology, so while the chances remain as 50/50 as they ever have, we’ll be eagerly watching what comes next for the abandoned side of the franchise’s continuity.

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