Latest Deadpool 2 TV Spot Proves Wade Is Still Being Headhunted By The X-Men


When it comes to turning the irreverent Wade Wilson into a bona fide X-Man, Colossus isn’t about to throw in the towel.

All throughout Tim Miller’s original Deadpool movie, the towering mutant pleaded with the Merc With a Mouth, asking that he at least consider the possibility of suiting up to fight the good fight. Technically, DP fulfilled that wish, save for the moment when he took it upon himself to save Vanessa from the clutches of evil. Or a bald, British baddie, but you get the drift…

Which brings us to Deadpool 2. Truth be told, the R-rated sequel faces a tall order if it’s to pry the box office crown from the giant, purple hands of Avengers: Infinity War – the MCU now belongs to Thanos, after all – though in saying that, the Merc’s second outing is already tracking for a strong $150 million bow at the U.S. box office. If true, that’ll certainly cement its status as the highest R-rated opening of all time, easily surpassing the $132 million haul of its predecessor.

But before we get swept up by box office forecasts, another Deadpool 2 promo has surfaced (see above), and this one proves Ryan Reynolds’ gun-toting mercenary is still being headhunted by the X-Men.

Barring that one-liner at the beginning, there isn’t much in the way of new footage here – and frankly, that’s okay, as with only three weeks left until D-day, Fox is likely playing it safe when it comes to revealing never-before-seen content. Besides, you don’t want to stumble upon all the jokes and cheeky pop culture references prior to May 18th, now, do you?

Expect Deadpool 2 to open big next month, by which point it’ll face stiff competition from Solo: A Star Wars Story.