An Official Deadpool 3 Announcement May Be Coming Very Soon

Deadpool 2

Earlier today, we reported that Deadpool 3 is currently in development and is planned for a 2022 theatrical release. Since then, it seems that the wheels have been turning, with many notable tipsters hinting at an imminent official announcement via various Deadpool gifs on Twitter.

Here’s what they’re posting:

Given the excellent track records that all of the above individuals have, it looks like our scoop from this morning may’ve been confirmed and if indeed Deadpool 3 is announced soon, it’ll no doubt be met with a gigantic sigh of relief from fans of the Merc With a Mouth. After all, the Fox/Disney merger presented the character with several problems. First is that he’s part of the X-Men cinematic universe, which Disney are keen to wind up as they fold the mutants into the MCU. Second, Deadpool is a firmly R-rated character, which doesn’t fit in particularly well with Marvel Studios’ PG-13 restrictions.

However, our sources (who gave us the inside scoop on the Inhumans being rebooted in the Ms. Marvel show, and the existence of the Nova movie, both of which have been confirmed) have told us that a lot’s already been decided about the project. Word is Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin are all expected to reprise their roles and it’s confirmed that the movie will be R-rated. We all saw what a family-friendly DP might look like in Once Upon A Deadpool, and it wasn’t great.

If all this is true, then Disney and Marvel Studios deserve credit for knowing a good thing when they see it. I reckon we’ll get a Deadpool 3 that’s nominally inside the MCU (no doubt with a number of fourth-wall bustin’ jokes about the new universe) but that can exist alongside it rather than as a crucial part of it. I guess we’ll see fairly soon though, maybe even by the time the day is out.