Everything You Need To Know About Deadpool


It’s okay. With the treatment that The Merc With A Mouth has thus far received on the big screen, you would be forgiven for being a little unclear as to who he is, where he comes from and, most importantly, what we can expect from him on February 12th, 2016. In cinema, this very special character has been mis-handled, mis-represented and mis-used – but all signs point to those injustices being rectified in full with the release of Tim Miller’s Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds.

While he is a Marvel character, Deadpool currently falls firmly on the 20th Century Fox side of the fence, along with his X-Men cohorts. This means that, unfortunately, we’re unlikely to see him at an Avengers Tower party – hysterical, though that would be.

There is still plenty of opportunity for enough inspired raucousness to fill a lengthy franchise, though – so as we prepare ourselves for the arrival of the anti-hero, let’s have a look at everything you need to know about Deadpool before the movie hits.