New Report Says Deadpool Won’t Appear In Spider-Man 3 After All

Deadpool Spider-Man

Deadpool‘s coming to the MCU. What would’ve been a ridiculous notion a few years ago is about to become a reality thanks to Disney buying out Fox. The only question now is, how will Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and company ultimately decide to drop Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with a Mouth into the franchise?

A recent report, courtesy of MCU Cosmic, claimed that one of the options on the table was for Deadpool to have his first MCU role via a cameo in the confirmed third Spider-Man movie, allowing him to rub shoulders with Tom Holland’s wall-crawler. This got a lot of folks talking, but another source is now saying that this isn’t going to happen.

Insider Roger Wardell has previously tweeted spot-on information about Avengers: Endgame – back in December – as well as predictions about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Now, he’s writing that this DP/Spidey crossover isn’t on the cards as Marvel plans to treat the anti-hero much like Fox did: keep him in his own franchise, away from the mainstream movies.

A Wade Wilson-Peter Parker team-up has long been discussed, with Deadpool filmmakers teasing that it could happen in the past and even a few easter eggs dropped in DP 2. There’s also the Deadpool/Spider-Man crossover comic that’s been running for a few years now.

Despite the previous popularity of this pairing, many fans have reacted negatively to the idea of DP showing up in Spider-Man 3, feeling that it wouldn’t be the best way to introduce him into the MCU and that there are worthier characters of a Spidey crossover (say, Daredevil). Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was among those who felt it was a bad move, commenting on Twitter that it would be dumb of Marvel to let Sony reap the benefits of DP being folded into the franchise.

Are you saddened by this news, though? Were you hoping for a Deadpool/web-slinger crossover? Have your say in the comments section down below.