13 Key Takeaways From The Deadpool Trailer


Fans have been hoping to see justice done to the Merc with a Mouth since he became the Jerk with the Sewn-Up Mouth in the much maligned X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but even though Ryan Reynolds always remained adamant that he wanted to return to the role and right those wrongs by giving us the REAL Deadpool, as time passed, it seemed more and more unlikely.

But then that test footage leaked, and the rest is history.


This week, we got our first official look at the insanely anticipated (and just plain insane looking) Deadpool movie via green and red band trailers (the latter of which can be seen above). The R-rated footage was as full of blood and F-bombs as expected, but the more family-friendly version also contained some new shots that were not present in the San Diego Comic-Con footage – and a few extra little Wade Wilson gags right at the end, too.

Join us, then, as we discuss the most revealing, interesting, or just plain bat-shit crazy shots from both trailers, and dissect what they mean for the final product.

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