Deadpool Will Reportedly Play A Key Role In The MCU’s Multiverse Saga


Deadpool is on his way to the MCU, and he’s sure to make a huge impact. While the Fantastic Four and (eventually) the X-Men are getting rebooted, Marvel won’t want to mess with Wade Wilson. Ryan Reynolds is returning to his beloved role for Deadpool 3, which is being written now and is expected to start shooting next year. Fans are eager to know just how integrated DP will be with the wider franchise. Well, from what we’re hearing, he’ll be a key player in where the MCU goes from here.

Our trusted sources – the same ones who told us about DC’s Black-led Superman reboot before that was announced – have informed us that Deadpool will be a major part of the MCU’s incoming multiverse arc. Loki finally introduced the concept of the multiverse into this universe, and it’s set to be further explored in a big way in at least three projects due over the next year. Namely, What If…?, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The second two of these projects are set to crossover with other non-MCU Marvel universes, such as previous Spider-Man franchises, so this whole storyline is likely how Reynolds will hop over from the Fox universe into the Marvel Studios one. And seeing as he’s the only multiversal character to stick around as a lead in the MCU – so far as we know – it’s no surprise to hear that he’ll be a significant part of this arc. Which likely means a lot of crossovers are coming his way.

There has been talk of Wade maybe showing up in Doctor Strange 2, which definitely feels highly plausible if far from confirmed at this time. But with Deadpool 3 not arriving for a while yet, giving Reynolds a cameo somewhere beforehand, would cause fans to go crazy and remind them that things are about to get wild. We’ll bring you more on the Merc’s MCU future as and when it comes in.