The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Director Attached To Game Theory

The success of the Swedish hit The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has propelled its female lead (Noomi Rapace) into the Hollywood stratosphere with upcoming roles in this winter’s new Sherlock Holmes film and the upcoming Ridley Scott directed Prometheus. But what about the director of  Dragon Tattoo, Niels Arden Oplev, what has he been up to lately? Well, other than a couple potential films he may or may not be involved with and a television show he directed the pilot for, Oplev has been laying low.

Reports are surfacing today telling us that Oplev is in negotiations to direct the thriller Game Theory, which is written by Michael Alan Lerner. The quick synopsis for the film “centers on a college professor and game theorist who gets sucked into a large-scale global crisis.” Sounds interesting enough, especially with the game theology (a method of study where one person’s success comes as a result and choices of another person’s loss) mixed into a plot of potential suspense and government intrigue.

No official word is given on whether Oplev will direct it for sure, but it sounds like a good choice for him after his Dragon Tattoo proved to be a terrific mystery film that also centered on two unlikely heroes whose paths become entwined with one another. Whatever Oplev chooses to direct in the U.S, it could make him or break him as an A-list director, and hopefully Game Theory will be a step in the right direction.