Disney May Still Buy Back Spider-Man, But Not Any Time Soon


The whole Spider-Man fiasco this summer was an extremely unpleasant rollercoaster ride for fans. For a couple of months, it seemed like the web-head was gone from the MCU forever. Then, just like that, it was all resolved. It was quite a harrowing experience for many of us, which is why a lot of folks wouldn’t mind never going through that again.

If Disney were to acquire the rights to Peter Parker, then we’d never have to worry about whether or not he’s leaving the MCU. He’d just remain a permanent fixture and fans could rest easy knowing that the extremely popular superhero isn’t going anywhere. However, new reports make it seem very unlikely that such a transaction is going to happen any time soon, with Deadline reporting that the Mouse House has said that they don’t expect to be doing any further M&A transactions in the near future.

While Sony’s been shedding several of its products lately, they probably wouldn’t give up Spider-Man for anything other than a king’s ransom. The web-slinger makes the company a lot of money every year and selling the rights to such a beloved character would be pretty foolish, even if the price was incredibly steep.

On the other hand, Disney has more than enough on its plate as is. They already have to balance the incredibly overcrowded MCU with even more incoming superheroes, like the Fantastic Four and the X-Men. If the studio buys the rights to Spider-Man, they’d also be buying Venom, Carnage, etc. As much as Disney would love to get their hands on these moneymakers, they’re busy trying to figure out how to incorporate all of the properties they already own into the cinematic universe.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that they’ll never buy the rights to Spider-Man from Sony. It just means that now’s probably not the best time, and I think even the most diehard MCU fans would agree with that. Sources close to WGTC have told us that the possibility is still on the table, but again, it’s just not something we’ll see in the next couple of years now that a new deal has been reached.