Disney Plus Won’t Be Adding Any Spider-Man MCU Movies For Now


Disney Plus is packed with MCU content right now, but there are a couple of notable omissions on the new streaming platform that have fans scratching their heads. More specifically, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies are nowhere to be found on the service. Even more troubling is that Disney Plus head of content and marketing Ricky Strauss recently said that there are currently no plans to bring over Spider-Man: Far From Home and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

In his own words:

“We love our friends at Sony, but we don’t have any plans to have the live-action Spider-Man movies on Disney+. We will have all the Spider-Man animated shows that we did so they’ll be on there under the Marvel banner. But who knows what can happen in the future?”

This is definitely disappointing for fans, but at least Strauss left the door open for a potential opening for the films in the future. It’s worth wondering if this has anything to do with the deal that Disney and Sony struck earlier this year. Following the fiasco of Peter Parker’s short-lived departure from the MCU, the sides came to an agreement that temporarily allows the superhero to stay with the Avengers.

Though the companies are expected to work out a new deal before this one expires, Disney may be purposely keeping the Spider-Man movies off of their app just in case things fall apart. This is total speculation, of course, but it’s worth considering as a realistic option.

As for now, fans still have plenty of great MCU material to enjoy on the streaming service with even more on the way in the near future. Though it’s a bit of a bummer that Spider-Man won’t be joining Disney Plus, at least there’s lots on there to entertain viewers for hours on end in the meantime.