Disney Plus Might Be Introducing A Watch Party Feature

The Mandalorian

Disney Plus might be one of the most popular streaming services out there despite only launching towards the end of last year, but the majority of that success is based on the library of pre-existing content. With the notable exception of Hamilton, which was the most-watched title on any platform in July, the Mouse House haven’t exactly been churning out original projects that have dominated the headlines.

In fact, ever since the first season of The Mandalorian concluded, the only in-house project to gain any sort of buzz online was Artemis Fowl, and that was based entirely on how terrible it is. With The Falcon and the Winter Soldier delayed, and fans starting to get a little concerned about the lack of information regarding the return of Mando and Baby Yoda, the only guaranteed success on the horizon for Disney Plus in terms of fresh content is the impending release of Mulan.

Of course, the company’s back catalogue is deep enough to keep their subscriber base occupied, but the service will need freshening up every now and again to avoid becoming stagnant, and based on recent reports, it looks like a new feature could be on the way to do that. According to the latest rumors, some data mining has found code embedded into the app that indicates a Watch Party add-on could be in development.

Watch parties were all the rage a few months ago, but interest has dramatically waned since then, although it could help to try and recreate the communal theatrical experience when it comes to a $200 million blockbuster like Mulan. The feature hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, but it does require Premium Access, meaning that it could be ready in time for Friday’s Disney Plus debut of the latest live-action remake of an animated classic.