Dwayne Johnson Reportedly In Talks With Disney For More Family-Friendly Movies

Dwayne Johnson

The early years of Dwayne Johnson‘s career saw him jump between the standard action fare you’d expect from a man of his dimensions and kid-friendly family comedies, and it wouldn’t be unfair to say he didn’t really succeed at either.

The Rundown might be one of the most underrated actioners of the 21st Century, but Walking Tall and Doom were very much forgettable, while Race to Witch Mountain and The Tooth Fairy hardly set the world alight. Johnson eventually settled into his groove, though, and became the biggest movie star on the planet, and he’s done so by playing a very specific type of role.

Jungle Cruise

The 48 year-old can typically be found in effects-driven PG-13 blockbusters that rely on his natural charm and charisma to cover up shortcomings in the story department, while there’s often a fondness for beige in his ensemble. The approach has worked absolute wonders over the last decade, to the extent that insider Daniel Richtman is now reporting that Disney want him to become a regular collaborator and are in talks with him to headline more “family-friendly adventure films.”

The Mouse House are presumably hugely impressed with both his performance and hands-on approach to producing the upcoming Jungle Cruise, which has been delayed so long most people have probably forgotten it even existed. The vast majority of the actor’s output is comprised of broad family-friendly blockbusters already, too, so the idea of him getting into bed with Disney is a logical next step in his quest for world domination, although there are still a lot of fans out there who would love to see Dwayne Johnson return to grittier and more adult-orientated territory.