9 Messed Up Moments In Disney Movies That You Probably Didn’t Catch

8) Jessica Rabbit Shows Her Pink Rabbit – Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Let it be known that this was one of the few times Disney actually owned up and went back and changed whatever was being addressed. If you buy this film on DVD now or watch it online, chances are, you’ll be seeing the edited version that’s missing the animated vagina of Jessica Rabbit. However, if you saw this movie in the theater and bought the first copies that came out on VHS (kids read that now and are like WTF), you can pause the movie at just the right point and you will see Jessica’s rabbit. And no, I’m not talking about Roger.

While it can be said that Jessica is written and played as a sexpot, and it makes sense that she would walk around sans panties, you just cannot show vagina in a Disney cartoon. I’m pretty sure that is one of the first rules they teach now because of this little (not so hidden) slip up. Also, let it be known that Jessica Rabbit was into Brazilian waxing long before it became the norm. If those animators were truly witty, they would have given her a tuft of ginger pubic hair. Just saying.

But, on a final note, the person who took the time to FIND this might be the creepiest person we all hope to never meet. The animators put it in as a joke. The guy who found it was frame by frame pausing Who Framed Roger Rabbit, just on the off-chance he might see some animated snizz.

Now THAT is creepy.