5 Foreign Films That Will Seriously Mess You Up


First off, let me just say this: I am not encouraging or challenging you to watch any of these films. This list is not some contest to see who can endure the most brutal cinema and still have the capacity to sleep at night. No, I am simply writing this list because it needs to exist somewhere. There are certain horror movies from certain foreign countries that just take horror and the concept of terror to whole new levels.

I am not saying it as a good or bad thing (I do love me some French horror, though, I won’t lie), but I am simply stating it as a fact. I know there are a gaggle of movie fans out there who don’t like foreign films because they don’t like to have to “read” their movies, but that is fine. Those people are just denying themselves some of the most fucked up movies ever made is all. Their loss.

So here, for your consideration, are 5 foreign films that will fuck you up pretty badly. Beware though, this list is entirely not safe for work.