The 7 Most Disturbing Movie Scenes From 2013


Anytime a year ends, we all get the same things from every website. A list of the best movies. A list of the best shows. A list of the best music. A list of the best games. The thing is, none of these damn lists are ever any different from one another. They always pour the same accolades over the same things, no matter what site you’re on. Well, as I have told you before, I do things a little differently. When end of the year lists come out, I find myself always asking the same questions. They may be insane, but I still ask them, and I know I am not the only one.

Questions like:

What were the best sex scenes?

Who was the scariest bad guy?

What scenes were most disturbing?

Although all of those seem fun, the most disturbing scenes list is the one I am most looking forward to reading and it is the one that I will take a stab at first.

So tell me, what did you find disturbing this year in film? What stood out to you as a shocking moment, and managed to kind of mess you up in the process? Truth is, disturbing is another one of those words that can mean different things to different people. You may find a leg break disgusting and disturbing, but I may laugh at it. I may find some odd act of sexual depravity to be disturbing, and you may find it sexy. That is what is odd about the word. Having said that, here are 7 of the most disturbing scenes from films that came out in 2013.

Please note that I have not seen every movie that came out this year, and you may scoff at some of these, but I feel obligated to remind you (again) that this is an opinion piece. There is no right or wrong. Just things that I, specifically, found disturbing. Please feel free to take to the comments after having read this article though and let me know of a moment or two that may have disturbed you.

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  1. Remy Carreirosays:

    Jeez man, whoever wrote this list OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know disturbing AT ALL.

  2. APrince66says:

    The tongue cutting in Evil Dead did make me cringe, but the other stuff on the list… meh

  3. Jasonsays:

    I liked the neck snapping scene. It showed he’s willing to kill to save even one person. While it does go against killing in Nolan’s tree rahs al ghul, two face, bane and talia all day. He could have tried to prevent them but he didn’t. And it makes it more interesting

    1. R J DIOsays:

      batman doesnt murder
      superman doesnt kill

      1. Frankie Addiegosays:

        “Superman” Vol. 2 #22.

      2. R J DIOsays:

        ill check it out.
        as a general rule how many does he kill ? in the last 75 years ?

      3. Frankie Addiegosays:

        In that issue? Three. Between 1938 and 1940 (and possibly into ’41 or ’42) he killed every-so often. I’d say the body count was maybe a half-a-dozen figuring conservatively.

        Then there was the “Adventures of Superman” episode “The Stolen Costume,” where he doesn’t directly kill the guys who stole his costume, but it sure seems like he was planning on letting them die.

        As far as I know, the comics were pretty good about his not killing. I believe, however, that there was an episode of “Super Friends,” in which he went back in time and made sure Krypton still ble… eh, it’s “Super Friends,” it’s not worth mentioning.

        In the film “Superman II” (released in Europe in 1980 and in the U.S. in 1981) he clearly tosses General Zod down a huge chasm, and while there is a deleted scene showing Zod being taken into custody by the Arctic Police, it’s not in the actual film, so what seems apparent is that he killed Zod, Non plunged to his death and Lois killed Ursa. This was AFTER he had taken their powers away.

        In the 1986 comic book reboot also titled “Man of Steel,” he kills Bizarro in the fifth issue. Inevitably, someone will argue that Superman killing Bizarro is different because Bizarro is artificial life; but he’s a clone, not a machine, so the notion that it’s okay for him to kill Bizarro means that his own clone Superboy–introduced in 1993–is fair game and that if someone were to kill him, it would be hunky dory. After-all, Bizarro may be disfigured and lacking in intellect, but he was still alive.

        Then there was the comic I noted in which he kills an alternate-reality Zod, Faora and Jax-Ur with Kryptonite. I believe they had already committed genocide, and he was giving them a punishment, but the point is that it still made him feel guilty to the point where he started to go a little bit nutty. He eventually shook it off, but not before some space-faring adventures.

        In 1992, he and Doomsday killed each-other. As much of a monster as Doomsday was, or at-least appeared to be, it could be argued that killing Doomsday was no more immoral than shooting a mountain lion heading for a bunch of kids; but he still killed him.

        Note, for the record, that one of Doomsday’s powers is that he eventually comes back from the dead immune to whatever had killed him before.

        When he came back from the dead, if he didn’t intend to kill the Cyborg Superman, it sure seemed like it. He punched right through his chest and vibrated really quickly until he exploded. Oh, but Green Lantern did a scan with his ring and didn’t detect any trace of him.

        While that story is one of my favorites, I have to admit, I’m perplexed: did he actually intend to kill him and just assume he’d gotten the job done (note: he hadn’t) or did he just do that, assumed Cyborg-Supes somehow survived, and just not bother to make sure and/or find a way to incarcerate him and render his powers useful?

        Anyway… that’s all I can think of.

      4. Robert Iveysays:

        He didn’t kill Doomsday. Doomsday was still very much alive at the end. He even explains later that he knew Hank Henshaw would survive the total destruction of his body so he knew that utterly destroying the body Hank Henshaw was running around in would not kill the Cyborg Superman.

      5. Sean Maclamsays:

        supes has killed at least a dozen people. He killed Zod in Superman 2. Batman has shot and killed a man also, it’s the whole reason he dosn’t use guns.

      6. RJDsays:

        id like to know the people supes has killed. im not trolling id just like to check out the comics ect.

        if batman kills ppl with a gun and didnt shoot the joker in the head … then he is insane

      7. Sean Maclamsays:

        the batman story was in Year one or two. He shoots a guy and leaves a orphaned son.i remember Todd Mcfarlane did the cover. early Batman carried a gun too.

      8. RJDsays:

        Oh the story is about his origins, which mimic the early years. i get it know. still think the batman as weve come to know him the last 50 years just doesnt kill and shouldnt kill. but if it fits a good story. go for it

      9. Sean Maclamsays:

        I agree totally. If Bats uses a gun keep it in his earliest years.

      10. RJDsays:

        aw who gives a shit.

        i hope batfleck carries the jessie venture from predator rail gun in the new movie.

        ” eat lead, clark “

      11. judassays:

        There’s one point everybody seems to have missed – MOS sucked balls.

      12. Robert Iveysays:

        It was early in Batman comics when he was just a knock off of the Shadow as the character evolved with the introduction of his back story he stopped using guns completely except in some really stupid badly written storylines that most people would rather forget ever existed.

      13. my idea for the suit re invention
        white /silver armour plates over back cloth
        imagine that in 3D

  4. Davesays:

    You do know that the end of man if steel was done that way so that batman could be introduced in the next film. It’s the one thing he’s against. Which is why they casted an older batman. And the rest of your list is pretty dull. Oh and you write like a high schooler.

    1. Patricksays:

      He writes like a High-Schooler…yet your comment has at least five punctuation errors, four capitalization errors, one sentence fragment, as well as one sentence that starts with the word “and.”

      Pot. Kettle. Black.

      1. awnuce360says:

        There is a different standard for people commenting on articles and the people who are actually published on websites.

      2. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        There are also different standards for people that want to bitch about the way people write.

    2. R J DIOsays:

      I think the had no idea what the sequel would have in it, and i think BATMAN was added because IronMan made more than 3xs more than the superman reboot.

      1. Frankie Addiegosays:

        In worldwide figures, “Iron Man 3” made $1,215,439,994. “Man of Steel” made $662,845,518. And Warners had been planning a crossover for years. Do your research.

      2. R J DIOsays:

        world wide figures? im from america mang

        they been planning the JLU america movie as well. wheres that film ?

        do you have inside info because you work for Warner ? if so, work a little harder.

      3. Frankie Addiegosays:

        No, I don’t work for Warners. All you have to do is go to boxofficemojo dot com. It’s better than just making up stuff. And let’s look at those American figures, shall we?

        Iron Man’s domestic box office: $409,013,994.
        Man of Steel’s domestic box office: $291,045,518.

        In other words, your 3xs figure is a load of bull.

      4. R J DIOsays:

        now your just typing numbers into the net

        where out JLU movie mang ??? tell your boss to get working on it

      5. Frankie Addiegosays:

        I’m sorry you’re the one film geek in the world who hasn’t heard of boxofficemojo dot com. In the meantime, your false accusations show how desperate you are.

      6. R J DIOsays:

        mfer whats bigger hyperbole ??? your having inside scoop on warner bros or my bad math ?

        my point was that you make a superman movie you dont expect it to get lapped by the third class marvel hero in the worst film they have made yet, or the 2nd rate battleroyal knockoff.

        DC has tarnished their flagship property so bad that he doesnt get a proper sequel and they have to shoe horn in batman and WW into his film. I am glad you loved the mopey emo superman made for the ADHD world so much you defend him.

      7. Frankie Addiegosays:

        “mfer whats bigger hyperbole ??? your having inside scoop on warner bros or my bad math ?”

        Again with the false accusations. And does he even know what hyperbole means?

        “my point was that you make a superman movie you dont expect it to get lapped by the third class marvel hero in the worst film they have made yet, or the 2nd rate battleroyal knockoff.”

        The last Superman movie was #6 of the year being beaten by “X-Men 3” (I forget the actual title), and the two before that didn’t even reach the top ten. The only two Superman films to do better in yearly rankings were the first one (1978) and the second one (1980/1981).

        EVERYONE knew “Iron Man 3” was going to be a bigger film, largely because of the success of “The Avengers” and partly because of how popular RDJ had become in the role.

        “DC has tarnished their flagship property so bad that he doesnt get a proper sequel and they have to shoe horn in batman and WW into his film.”

        No, there was always going to be a Batman/Superman movie. You’re so stupid.

        “I am glad you loved the mopey emo superman made for the ADHD world so much you defend him.”

        Yeah, throw around bullshit buzzwords like “emo” (shit, if anything, this is the least emo Superman film since “Superman & the Mole Men”) and criticize an action film for having action. You’re an idiot.

        I’m so sick and tired of useless people who are MARGINALLY fans speaking for us. “Man of Steel” is the best Superman movie since 1978, and you’re just a pathetic bandwagon jumper.

      8. the Crimson Idolsays:

        you have no sense of humor and are a tireless but boring defender of a below average action film. i thanked you for recommended the comics where superman actually kills ( out of 75 fucking years worth of comics) after you threw out a personal insult. Your defense of the movie makes me go from marginally dislike to fucking hating it. I hope your the kid in the superman shirt that has inside knowledge of them planning the batman team up rather than it being a knee jerk reaction, cus it sure looks like a knee jerk reaction. but i would bet ” no ” on both.

        but ppl can have different opinions about got get into the insult business.

        well, most ppl can.

        I am glad you have an outlet to do that which is safe and basically harmless.

      9. Namnootsays:

        You may not like them, but Iron Man 3 is one of the best-reviewed of the Marvel films and was always expected to be a huge success as it was the first film to come out after The Avengers, and Catching Fire likewise had the precedent of the first film being a huge success, along with the books. (And sad to say if 0.01% of the American moviegoing public have even heard of Battle Royale I’d be amazed.) The only way DC could have expected to match that kind of box office would have been for them to force Bale and Nolan to make another Dark Knight film with the resurrected corpse of Heath Ledger as the Joker again.

      10. Ronnie Van Diosays:

        1. THERE IS ALOT OF GOOD AND SOME GREAT IN IRONMAN 3. i just hated several of the choices. Hated.
        2. it was a huge success, yes. so much so that DC should have hired Shane Black to do the MOS sequel. i dont mind director coming back to series but traditionally when it has been successful it hasnt been the very net film. that usually doesnt bode well.

        3. They hired Nolan to produce. i thought that meant bale. esp since they are going with broken down batman. make him use his gadgets more and hide in the shadows more if he is physically still hurt. id guess a non origin story superman film with a a list villian starring bale as batman would have been a lot closer. the ledger thing is hyperbole class 5.
        4. the numbers do not lie. there are hundreds of thousands of superman and comic fans who did not pay to see this movie in theaters. same with the last star trek.
        5. after they do a 700 mil BO for batman vs superman they need something giant to bring the full JLA together. and i saw hire all the former stars who played batman and superman. dean cain, the tv guy. the gay guy. keaton. kilmer, bale will pass so maybe even a cameo by west. what the hell am i talkign about ? CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. THEY CAN BEAT MARVEL BY GOING BIG. EPIC BIG while 5 avengers are eating swarma well have super cavill holding the body of supergirl and 4 different batmen. 2 part 4 hr film shot at same time. 2 bill. easy. also those old actors , they aint getting any younger. . .
        6. stand alone Dr Fate film. GDT directs. Budget 50 mill. Box office 2 bill. … ok that might be class 6 hyperbole …

      11. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        It’s not a fucking inside scoop when it’s a website access able by literally anyone, fucking retard.

      12. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:


      13. Guestsays:

        Accessible* 🙂

      14. Ronnie James Diosays:

        hey man whose name calls someone a moron,
        you get your kicks online calling ppl names.
        what a miserable fuck in real life you must be.
        considering your replying to months old messages.
        im done with you.
        im betting your adolescent anyhow.

        have a nice day
        Man of Steel sucks

      15. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        Of course it sucks. Did I ever say it was good, moron? Also, anyone with punctuation , grammar, and spelling skills like you are showing off really IS a moron, or a fucking three year old.

      16. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        By the way, the screen name is a joke. I’m glad you got it, with your superior intellect, instead of thinking I was actually insulting someone who obviously would find out exactly what my screen name is online, and then realize I was calling him a moron. You’re a genius.

  5. reesesays:

    As for the superman ending you should realize that man of steel is a reboot and an orgin story. So heres another way of looking at things just because superman killed zod doesnt mean he planed to from the start of their fight and if you have watched any of the superman animated movies and show he always causes alot of damage when he fights a villian just as strong as he is. Also maybe that moment when he killed zod to save those ppl is the point in which he decides that he will from that day on do whatever he can to deffeat his opponent without killing. This actually can be the event that makes clark into the superman everyone loves.

    1. Frankie Addiegosays:

      That’s another thing: this is the ONLY action film or superhero battle that’s ever been criticized for the damage visited upon the city. The groupthink of MoS-haters has lead to some truly lame arguments being repeated as if they were some sort of smoking gun.

      1. R J DIOsays:

        i was taken back in the theater before i had time to get together with my group think tank.

        xmen- deep down dont care about human casulties
        blade – is killing vampires
        batman- went out of his way to save the cops in TDK so youll forget he blew up several nonvillian cars during the chase scene
        watchmen – lets just ignore that one
        Spidey is the only one who goes out of his way to routinely ‘save’ innocent people.

        i guess the message of the movie is the same as transformers, if you see the heros , you better GTFO fast

        i did think there was alot of damage leveled during an episode of JLU but then again superman had flunkies like flash and green lantern to save people

      2. Frankie Addiegosays:

        “i was taken back in the theater before i had time to get together with my group think tank.”

        Thanks for admitting you’re a bandwagon-jumping poser.


      3. fleshvesselsays:

        it’s taken ‘aback’. Not being a nazi, just wanna help your future self 🙂

      4. charlesjannuzisays:

        I objected to the fight scenes because they just went on so long. Zod and Supes were morons. Plus all the other action with the world engine and attempts to destroy Zod’s ship, etc., just got confusing. The film needed 3 hours to work, but about 20 minutes cut from the chaos. Then we get to the point where Supes snaps Zod’s neck and you want to ask, Gee, why didn’t you do that 35 minutes ago?

      5. nick gsays:

        Because zod was beating his ass 35 min ago? Moron. Maybe you can learn how a fight works, complaining about to much action in an action movie. Fucking twat, go watch the notebook.

      6. charlesjannuzisays:

        Go watch two twats beating on each other for 40 minutes–plus the World Engine.

    2. omegamansays:

      reese, you and 32 others need to get a life

    3. rogerscorpionsays:

      Causing a lot of collateral damage is different from consciously deciding to kill.

  6. Dead.Juicesays:

    It might surprise you, but sticking a finger up a butt isn’t a purely homosexual act.

    1. R.I.P The Rocketsays:

      My butt is exit only but a lot of guys don’t think like that. Sad to say.

      1. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        Yes, and sadly there are people that won’t leave them alone for something that is their own way of doing things, and it doesn’t have anything to do with you, and has no effect on you or anyone you know, so fuck off. They don’t give you shit for fucking your goats 6 days a week and your mother on Sundays. Your dad on alternating weeks.

      2. rogerscorpionsays:

        Agreed, Eduardo.

      3. carolsdavissays:

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      4. Dead.Juicesays:

        I still don’t get Edurardo, is he from some group of offended gay rapist?
        The guy says he only likes things coming out of his butt. WHO ELSE would be offend by that?

      5. Dead.Juicesays:

        What in the hell is this about?

      6. margaretjmanussays:

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      7. WinchesterAddictsays:

        Actually, it’s a proven fact that the anus is an erogenous zone for both males and females. Just because you’re a little repressed or maybe feel that admitting it makes you seem homosexual, doesn’t alter the make up of the human body. Try watching a little more porn, you may find it very enlightening.

    2. baobabssays:

      Why would anybody do that, unless they were a limp wristed panty waster?

      1. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        Because its their choice. Why do you fuck your siblings?

      2. WinchesterAddictsays:

        Ok eduardo, I don’t know who pissed in your cheerio’s, but I’m pretty sure you can try to make your point WITHOUT constantly insulting people. We all know everyone has a right to make their own choices and dealing with homophobes is irritating, but telling people they fuck their family members isn’t productive either. Next time, take a deep breath and try to use your words instead of just stooping to their level and lashing out blindly.

    3. bijisays:

      i dunno man, it’s pretty gay.

  7. Brian Simpsonsays:

    I’m sure this has been said many times already, but I think it’s blatantly obvious why he killed Zod. This is an origin story, and you don’t think the whole issue is going to be addressed in the next movie? It’s not a stretch of my imagination at all to realize that this point is where Superman gets his “no kill” agenda. They’ll work Batman into the mix, and I’m guessing Supes will deal with the ramifications of killing Zod both on a personal level and an outside level.

    1. R J DIOsays:

      you mean MOS mopeing around for another two hours because he feels guilty about killing. and if he doesnt thats even worse.

      congrats filmmakers. you just painted yourself into a catch 22 !

      1. Frankie Addiegosays:

        That’s another rule the Superposers brought us: Superman can never mope. That’s right: I’ve actually seen people complain about him not smiling enough (and rewrite “Superman: the Movie” so that he’s constantly smiling through that even though he wasn’t), and now there’s this “mope for two hours” comment.

        BTW: anyone ever read a Superman saga called “Exile?”

      2. R J DIOsays:

        how many comic books did the Exile run go ?

      3. Frankie Addiegosays:


      4. R J DIOsays:

        no bs mang

        thanks for dropping some superman comic knowledge

      5. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        You make yourself look really fucking stupid typing “mang” on every god damned response you make. Just letting you know, and you are very welcome for my writing of this response.

      6. Ronnie James Diosays:

        hey mang

        good to see your still around

        be sure and have a nice day after you do fuck yourself

  8. awnuce360says:

    What is with people getting so upset about Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel? It’s such a ridiculously stupid thing to be upset by! He killed Zod in Superman II as well and had absolutely NO justification in that movie since Zod was basically helpless. The set-up in Man of Steel made sense. It’s not at all comparable to Batman using a gun to shoot the Joker.

    1. eviltacosays:

      You can’t use a decision in a bad movie to justify a decision in another bad movie. It’s exactly the same as batman killing joker, because superman is the ultimate boy scout. They’re both equally likely to kill, that chance being not at all.

      1. Frankie Addiegosays:

        Yeah, but he can point out what happened in “Superman II” to show what a colossal double-standard some of these critics have. I don’t know what this writer thought of that film, but would it surprise anyone if they act liked those films were “the way things ought to be?”

        More importantly, Superman has killed in the comics. While far from a verbatim adaptation, this is deeply rooted in a very pivotal story from “Superman” Vol. 2 #22 in which… yes… Superman kills Zod and two other Kryptonian villains and (unlike in the film, he’s doing it as an execution, making the movie even more justifiable), much like in this film, feels a great remorse in the stories to come.

        Time will tell if this follows that path and it doesn’t look like the next film will resemble “Exile” in terms of plot; but don’t act like this is the first time in 75 years Superman ever killed an enemy.

    2. Namnootsays:

      It depends what version of the film you see. There’s an alternate cut that shows Zod being arrested afterwards, remember.

  9. namelesssays:

    I watched “Takers” for the first time in 2013. That shit was disturbing.

  10. JoeSchmoe50says:

    Reading this column and realizing he got paid to write it was disturbing.

    1. TheOct8pussays:

      I doubt anyone got paid for this…at least not very much

  11. terroirsays:

    The most disturbing thing here is the terrible writing. Stop boring us with your repetitive, defensive set-ups and just get to the point. This reads like some emo teenage myspace.

    1. Mae Bluesays:

      I was going to say that. This is chillingly bad stuff!

    2. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

      .Blah blah blah blah
      Cry cry cry cry
      Blah blah blah blah

  12. About MoS, it is an origin story, Superman has no rules yet, however he adopts them from his experiences in this movie, such as the No-killing rule, which couldn’t simply come out of nowhere, and mostly in such extreme cases as Zod, a villain which couldn’t be locked in any prison on Earth (and since kryptonite isn’t in this movie)

  13. Ashleysays:

    I have to say I truly enjoy this list. Maniac is one of the best horror movies I have seen in the last couple of years and I was happy to see it on here because the beginning is disturbing yet it grabs you and pulls you into the movie because you want to know more. The whole thing about Superman breaking someone’s neck is definitely a new approach to the superhero that we all love and I feel like it makes viewers realize who Superman really is. Like the other reboot where people were frustrated that Superman didn’t do enough superhero actions this action proves that Superman isn’t part of the just killing people extreme either. In a way it was good for Superman I believe. The other movies on this list I have never watched but now I’m interested in finding them and watching them. Very attention grabbing list you made.

  14. MasterChief3624says:

    Is Maniac as brutal as that opening few minutes?

    I tried watching it last night and it was one of the first movies I’ve ever had to turn off out of pure disgust. Great special effects, but god that was unsettling to say the least 🙁

  15. Chris Carpenter Ourslersays:

    That you find killing an evil person wrong….just because it is three people you don’t know… Allowing an evil person to live while he kills three innocent people would be more evil than killing an evil person. Some people forfeit a right to life. You forfeit your rights the moment you decide to murder an innocent person, and someone else must stop you.

  16. TomNewYorkersays:

    my 10 most disturbing scenes of 2013 are defently
    1-Spring Breakers-James Franco sucking a gun like it was a dick lol
    2-Movie 43-Hugh Jackman with balls on his chin
    3-Hatchet 3-Kane Hodder taking out Derek Mear’s skull from his body(also it was old school jason vs. new school jason)
    4-The To Do List-Aubrey Plaza eating a piece of shit in the pool
    5-We’re The Millers-Will Poulter’s dick being swallowen by a spider
    6-12 Years A Slave-Lupita nyong getting wipped
    7-Oldboy-Josh Brolin pealing a piece of skin off of samuel l. jackson
    8-Evil Dead-Elizabeth Blackmore cutting off her arm
    9-Killing Season-Robert De Niro putting lemon juice all over John Travolta
    10-Pawn Shop Chronicles-Matt Dillion beating the shit out of elijah wood

  17. Chrissays:

    Superman doesn’t have his rules yet in Man of Steel. Batman will teach him the rules in the sequel.

    Also, what would you have done? “Knocked him out”? Then what? Sat on Zod’s chest til he died from old age? Come on, man. Grow the fuck up, and learn not every villain can be knocked down, tied up, and sent to jail. What jail can hold Zod?

    1. Frankie Addiegosays:

      “Superman doesn’t have his rules yet in Man of Steel. Batman will teach him the rules in the sequel.” Uh oh, you just opened a can of worms. A bunch of know-it-alls will claim that Batman’s supposed to be the badass who plays by his own rules and that Superman is supposed to be the ultimate boy scout…

      Except that if anyone reads the comics from the ’30s, they both made THIS Superman look like exactly that: a boy scout. Not only did they both kill… fairly often (not constantly, but not reluctantly either) but none of Superman’s opponents had super powers. Batman actually “went boy scout” first because they’d introduced Robin and thought, “hmm… well, a 12-year-old hanging out with a murderous vigilante is no good, so… I got it, let’s take away his gun, make him an honorary cop (whom they can contact with a giant searchlight) and instill a code against killing, so his hanging out with a kid doesn’t seem as scandalous.”

      Then I think they saw how parent groups got off their… uh… Grayson after that, and decided to smooth Superman’s edges too.

    2. Namnootsays:

      Typical example of post-9/11 mindset as I discuss in my longer reply above. Superman II had Zod lose his powers. There is always another way.

    3. Jesse Scheepmakersays:

      superman doesn’t have any “rules” at all, he just has a thing called morals and also common sense. If he wouldn’t have snapped zod’s neck, the fight would’ve lasted longer, claiming more lives besides the people zod was going to murder right in front of supes’ face. so he snapped his neck, and i know there were other ways like the other commenter mentioned, but he couldn’t have known how to take away someone’s power after just starting out as a superhero. not to mention that he just had to act fast and presumably killing the last of his kind still was still not an easy thing to do for superman.
      ps. in the superman II superman DID kill zod

      1. Je Ar D Bagussays:

        I have to ask, it’s quite unclear to me about that last scene with Zod… Was zod able to kill the family with the heat vision? Maybe that’s the reason why Supes was remorseful in the end that he was not able to save the family… And not more concerned about Zod being dead.

      2. Robert Iveysays:

        No because Zod should have absolutely Zero powers. The fundamental problem with Zod in the movie is he can’t have any super powers, because it took Superman literally 30 years of living on Earth to get them. If it takes Superman 30 years to reach that level of power Kryptonian on Earth for a few hours is still going to be some dude in power armor that can be destroyed.

      3. Jesse Scheepmakersays:

        yeah but zod was trained for adapting to other planets because he was basically destined to conquer planets

  18. Superpullsays:

    Who says Superman doesn’t kill? He has killed before in the source material – hell, he has killed Zod before in the source material.
    Quick rule of thumb. if you have only watched the Reeve supermen films/any cartoons then you don’t have the right to comment on what Superman would/would not do. if you have read the comics and are still spouting nonsense like this then you clearly haven’t been paying attention.

    1. pjamese3says:

      Yes. Superman has killed in the comics, left people to die in the old George Reeves show and killed Zod in Superman II. But let’s look at Man of Steel. So many people are saying Supes should have found another way. Well, this isn’t the Superman from the comics or cartoons who’s been Superman for years and has the experience to find another way. This Superman has spent his life hiding and wandering, saving people when necessary. He put on the suit – and learned to fly – maybe a week, at most 2 weeks prior. He hasn’t done much superheroing. And his first test is against other Kryptonians?

      And what is he supposed to do with Zod? He can’t send him to the phantom zone. The ship he came to Earth in is gone…along with Zod’s ship. The ancient Kryptonian ship is a wreck. Maybe it can self-repair, but that would take a while if it was even possible. There’s no Kryptonite. They can’t recreate Krypton’s atmosphere without a working Kryptonian ship. No jail can hold Zod. Perhaps the Green Lantern Corps could help, but wait, nobody knows about the Corps. Also, Zod was a trained fighter. Given time, after he adjusted to his powers more, there would be no way Superman could beat him. Add that Zod was trying to heat vision that family to death and there’s not much choice.

      BTW, I think that Zod was in enough pain from losing the possibility of recreating Krypton, that he forced Superman to snap his neck as a form of “Death by Cop.” I mean, could he have moved his eyes more slowly to kill that family. He was taunting Superman into either killing him or letting him go on an Earthwide killing spree.

      Also, Superman killing Zod can also serve as the reason he’s so against killing, having been forced to take a life previously. This would be an actual reason instead of a moral belief without any catalyzing event.

  19. Chris Fabiansays:

    I feel like the skull crush scene in Star Trek Into Darkness deserves at least an honorable mention. It was extremely visceral I thought. One of those exercises in the less is more style.

  20. Frankie Addiegosays:

    Pardon me for being an “internet fanboy,” but you do realize that Superman has killed before in the comics, right? That this is consistent with “Superman” Vol. 2 #22, where he not only kills Zod, but does it as an execution whereas in the film, he does it to save lives who are in immediate danger.

    Oh, but you say, “but all he was going to do was melt one family. Three people. Three random people. That was all it took for Supes to break his own rules and become one of the monsters himself.”

    In case it was too subtle for you, the point was that Superman felt a great emotional pain from killing Zod AND WON’T DO IT AGAIN!!! Not only that, but you say the lives of those three people weren’t worth the life of ONE bad guy who was so powerful, and you call SUPERMAN a “monster?” For killing one guy in the line of duty.

    Then the idiot complains… no no no, wait… the idiot complains that Superman didn’t snap his neck EARLIER when Zod didn’t have anyone in particular in his line of sight. Gosh, maybe Superman was… I don’t know… reluctant to kill him and… I don’t know… only did it as a last resort.

    Also, get this: “How would you feel if, when we get to the end of a new Batman movie, it ended with Batman pulling out a gun and blowing away the Joker?” Gee, that’s nothing like what happened here. It’s more like if Batman killed Two Face in a split-second decision to tackle him to the floor and goes into exile. Boy, they must never make a Batman movie like that.

    I am so sick and tired of people who probably haven’t read a Superman comic in ages–if ever–getting on their high-horse about how this movie has “made Superman dark just to be hip,” when they really don’t know anything about his character.

    The writer says, “Why the fuck can’t they just find a director who kind of understands that Superman lives in the middle of those two extremes?”

    That’s exactly what he got.

    Unfortunately before the film EVER hit theaters, and really before there had been much information at all, a lot of people had made up their minds that this was an attempt at “grim and gritty” and a betrayal of the character because of this outdated paradigm that “Superman represents the light and Batman represents the dark.” Sorry: Superman’s still a hero, not a neck-snapping monster.

    And you can call me a “fanboy,” but I call you a poser.

    1. Danski72says:

      That was beautifully put. I really hope the bonehead author read your comment and feels suitably embarrassed.

  21. Patricksays:

    Not sure why so many writers on this site have a hard on for Maniac. That movie was terrible. It actually made me miss the original which was pretty awful as well.

    And anyone that lauds that piece of crap and turns around and bashes Man of Steel loses all credibility.

    1. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

      Blah blah blah blah
      Cry cry cry cry
      Blah blah blah blah.

  22. Superman Fansays:

    It might surprise you but Superman has killed in comics and movies. More than once.

  23. Bradsays:

    I love it when bloggers get all up in arms and lambast the “fanboys”. Christ, YOU ARE A FUCKING INTERNET FANBOY and YOU ARE MAKING AN INTERNET FANBOY CRITICISM about how others DON’T UNDERSTAND SUPERMAN LIKE I DO. Sheesh …

    “I can understand WHY, in theory, Superman broke Zod’s neck at the end of the Man of Steel, but all he was going to do was melt one family. Three people. Three random people.”

    The fact that you don’t seem to place any importance on those people and can’t understand why he would make that sacrifice indicates that YOU don’t understand the character.

  24. wearingartsays:

    I believe most of you have either forgotten or never read the Superman comic where Superman kills Zod. It was the first and only time Superman killed someone and it played an important role in how he handled fighting villains in the future. He basically swears to never kill again. So killing Zod in the movie follows along with the key points in Superman’s myth.

  25. Alexiasays:

    Jonah Hill getting raped by a demon (to later become possessed by it) in This is the End was pretty cringe-worthy.

  26. Namnootsays:

    I’m not surprised that people are hating on the criticism of the Superman killing scene. People today have had their attitudes changed regarding superheroes, and rather than actually paying attention to the 75-year-old message of Superman and Batman (and others) that superheroes shouldn’t kill humans because that makes them as bad as the villains, or perhaps even the message “don’t kill if you don’t have to”, the post-9/11/Stand Your Ground/War on Terror mindset many people have these days is “heroes must kill.” Films like Kick-Ass 2 which take a group of murderers and label them heroes, and videogames like the Tomb Raider reboot that force the player to turn Lara Croft into a cold-blooded killer, and how GI Joe (both in the comics and in the films) has just become another “soldiers who kill everything that moves” stereotype, just reinforce the trope. They did a Wonder Woman TV pilot a couple years ago in which Diana kills a human and powerless security guard with a pipe through the neck and just shrugs it off, whereas in the comics she snapped a man’s neck and not only was she ostracized for it, her action literally changed the entire DC Universe as it lead into the whole Infinite/Final Crisis thing that eventually triggered the “New 52” reboot. The argument re:MoS that “Oh, it’s just a reboot, so it has no bearing on the comics” is meaningless because now Superman is going to be expected to kill every villain he encounters and if he doesn’t he’ll be considered weak by the bloodthirsty audience. As an audience member who isn’t bloodthirsty, all I can do is vote with my wallet, and I choose to do so by not going to see MoS or buying the DVD.

  27. Tremorsays:

    Add “Contracted” to the list…. Hehehe….

  28. Anj Stumpsays:

    “All he was going to do was melt a family.” Um, are you serious?! Oh yeah, all he was gonna do was kill three innocent people. I think your sense of justice is pretty messed up if you think murdering a family is better than killing an evil murderer. Good God I hope a life never depends on you one day. You might decide that I’m a random person not worth saving because of your “principles” and that saving a life makes you a monster.
    No hate here, just a genuine “wtf?” reaction. Sorry if it came off harsh.

  29. Bunnysays:

    Superman doesn’t kill
    “HUMANS” Mass murdering alien from another planet, you bet your ass he does..

  30. SerialKillerBarbiesays:

    I absolutely LOVED Stoker!! I’ve watched it a few times…it’s just one of those movies for me. I need to revisit, try to peel back some of the layers!! Definitely one of my favorites overall!!

  31. The-Greg Potockysays:

    Superman is NOT Batman and does not have a rule against killing or “snapping necks” this actually plays into the character very well as Superman does kill a few times in comics at one point vowing to never go that far again. If you pay attention in Man of Steel Clark’s choice to end Zod is an emotional choice that you can see clearly on screen that he struggled with. This is the concept of the revision of Superman making him more human. Yes, Superman is a boy scout but he has to learn and experience things to get to this point and logic.

  32. Mievillesays:

    STOKER was an excellent film, although (SPOILERS!) I really feel she should have killed her mother at the end.

    However, unless I missed it (and I only watched the film last night), Whip never gets as far as raping Indira. Charlie strangles him just before he’s able to do so.

  33. Johnny Dangersays:

    Reese hit it on the nose with the snap neck in Supes and obviously he doesn’t do it right away because they had to show Supes willingness to not kill Zod until after he has no other choice but to end him cause Zod would never stop and this is this stories version of why he decides to never kill.

  34. derpsays:

    Superman has always been willing to kill as a 100% last resort. Which is what man of steel brilliantly showed.

  35. Christinesays:

    meow! on the Superman thing… lol

  36. justpostingsays:

    b 4 real.. a lot of the damage done in cities during our fav super hero movies are caused by the villains. Super heroes can’t kill the bad guys, save all the innocent by standers and make sure the city doesn’t get destroyed all at the same time. People should know to run if ummm you have aliens, masked villains running around the city, shit gets broken in a normal brawl so quite natural between super villains and super heroes shit is going to get messed up! The point is they fight for mankind and they beat the enemies humans can’t beat alone..Collateral damage happens with any war…RME
    As far as the movies that were picked I agree with the ones I saw, except for Superman. I only love Christopher Reeves as superman (thank you) but who cares if he broke Zods neck…There are no rules in super fights!!

  37. Ramhouse3says:

    I had problems with the film, but I think the killing of Zod had a Bin Laden parallel. Zod had an unchangeable, deadly ideology about killing innocent people that he thought he was 100% justified in doing and would not, indeed could not change no matter what and therefore Superman had to take drastic action to cease the needless killing of innocent lives.

    1. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

      Blah blah blah blah
      Cry cry cry cry
      Blah blah blah blah

  38. JoeDaCabbiesays:

    I also had a lot of problems with the neck-snapping scene in Man of Steel, but not because of the actual killing. Yes, Superman has killed before. The Earth-1 original Superman was retired after deliberately killing Mxyzpltik, the first reboot Superman killed Zod and his henchmen, etc. Killing Zod was eventually going to be the ultimate solution because he was, essentially, Evil Superman: no human would ever be safe while he lived. What was disturbing was the way it was tossed off: Superman kills a man, cries for 30 seconds, and then everything is hunky-dory. THAT is the unbelievable and traumatic part. If you really understand Superman, his Goodness is his biggest superpower: it’s what allows the rest of humanity to accept him as a hero, instead of being afraid of the alien being whom can literally declare himself a god and rule the Earth as he sees fit. Superman killing is such a pivotal event that it deserves a whole movie, or even a trilogy, of its own.

  39. Brannigan Cartersays:

    Seriously getting tired of hearing people gripe about the Man of Steel stuff. Personally I hate the fact that either Batman nor Superman will kill anyone under no circumstance. It’s stupid. Especially for someone like Superman, fighting the kinds of foes he has. After 80 years of writers denying him the ability, it’s about damn time he fucking ripped someone’s head off.

    1. Brannigan Cartersays:

      And killing Zod was about 1 billion times cooler than that stupid fucking cellophane S crap. I don’t care if it WAS the 70s. It’s a new era for superhero stories. Allow them to grow into new stories, not tell the same one for decade after decade.

      1. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        Blah blah blah blah
        Cry cry cry cry
        Blah blah blah blah

  40. TCAirsays:

    I am not going to call the author any names for his analysis of Superman breaking of Zod’s neck other than I disagree with his analysis.

    Zod, also being from Krypton, got stronger the longer he was in our sun. As he the battle progressed he got stronger and stronger. Zod was a trained military General and now was obtaining the same powers, and at a faster rate than Superman.

    I took that point in the movie that Superman realized that he couldn’t beat Zod playing by his moral code. That Zod had one solitary focus, to destroy Supes. In that moment, the movie conveyed to me that Superman realized that he could not protect humanity against all threats and be able to retain his moral code. Superman had two foci, protect humanity and not to kill. Zod had one.

    The ending was surprising and did ruin the rest of the series but the message wasn’t mixed. Sometimes to destroy our enemy we destroy ourselves.

  41. J Phoenixsays:

    Um excuse me…but about this statement you made…. —-> ” I can understand WHY, in theory, Superman broke Zod’s neck at the end of the Man of Steel, but all he was going to do was melt one family. Three people. Three random people. That was all it took for Supes to break his own rules and become one of the monsters himself.”

    Did you not hear Zod? Yes Superman didn’t want him to kill those three random innocent people but that wasn’t really why Superman snapped his neck. He snapped Zod’s neck because Zod just got finished SWEARING AND PRACTICALLY VOWING at the top of his lungs that he would NEVER EVER STOP killing the humans that Superman loved so dearly.

    So what was Superman supposed to do? SIT ON ZOD until either he or the human race could come up with another way to jail or contain Zod so he wouldn’t run amok and raze the whole planet? Spend ages keeping him in a headlock to prevent him killing more folks?

    Because everyone should know that even if Zod couldn’t remake Krypton he was still gonna damn well either slay the whole human race or go all god-like dictator on them.

    I guess I’m just a dumb country girl, because I can’t really think of much Superman could have done to stop Zod for anything more than about 60 seconds (or however long Superman could keep him in a headlock) and Zod proved all he had to do was be pissed off and angry and open his eyes and shoot lasers out of them because he knew he’d eventually hit something and where would Superman be then? Still screwed. Zod could continue being a dick and just stare a laser beam hole through the earth while everyone’s waiting around to properly contain him.

    In Superman’s known world (I say this because he doesn’t know about Batman or Wonder Woman at the time this takes place in his ‘known world universe’ type place) anyways in his known world he didn’t have a whole lot of options to stop Zod RIGHT THEN AND THERE for good.

    Is Superman going to hold him or sit on him until someone can find some way to liquefy kryptonite and inject it into Zod? Wait until humans gathered enough Kryptonite to build a jail? Or kryptonite restraints? Should he have waited until there was some place to put Zod that would contain him? And honestly without alien tech WTF would hold him? He would have had to wrestle constantly with Zod physically to keep him from killing because reasoning was never going to work.

    I agree that snapping Zod’s neck goes against EVERY ATOM of Superman’s being and against everything he personally holds dear and believes in. But without the JLA or some more spiffy alien technology that he had easy access to (remember he’s still sitting on Zod to keep him from his murderous rampage) he did the only thing he could do.

    I think part of the whole point was that he did have to make that really, hard choice and his yell of anger was a good expression of his unhappiness in having to make that choice. You could see that it hurt him. You could see that even mourned Zod’s death.

    I think the more disturbing thing would have been if he’d just dusted himself off and carried on like it didn’t bother him.

    1. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

      Cry some more, fanboy. Did you have some free time because you ran out of food to stuff your face with, so you wrote this response while your mommy ran to the store for more munchies? Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.

      1. J Phoenixsays:

        Ooooh it was rhetorical? But it was so witty how can I resist?? Besides you clearly want the attention.

        So, hey cranky and insecure “eduardoisafuckingmoron” why don’t you try actually reading my post and then engaging me, a fan-GIRL by the way, in an intellectual debate of possible options or alternatives to what I said, instead of hurling second rate insults at me that are below a grade school level. What are you 12? Someone needs a nap if that’s the best you can come up with.

        And just so you don’t have to think so hard about it, I called you cranky and insecure because I read a few of your other posts before I responded to your oh so intelligent reply to my post, and that’s the impression I get. A very unhappy and immature person. You give a half-hearted defense of folks who like to stick fingers up their butt and then you call someone else a faggot. One or two of your responses are semi reasonable and then you just flip your lid and become a rude agitator without giving any real reasons for you apparent fury. Make up your mind.

        Yeah my post was more of a rant that wasn’t aimed at you in the first place, but instead of picking it apart with logic and actual thought, you insult me as if you have too much time on your hands and as if I have previously insulted you on a personal level.

        Save your energy for people who personally attack you. I’d suggest you take some time and get over yourself and try growing up a little, but I’ve met many many people just like you and they never listen to the vast amount of people they’ve most assuredly encountered that suggest it.

        Your obviously not very clever (again referencing your posts to others) and its clear you post just for attention, which I’m only giving you this once. Which is sad that I even bothered because I’m sure your not worth it because I bet your response will just be so “eloquent”.

        Although after having declared that you are cranky and insecure and immature and unhappy– and again giving you as a person more thought than you or your post to me deserve, I’m going to seriously and genuinely suggest you seek a doctor and some medication.

      2. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        Lol. I obviously struck a nerve since I received another BOOK of a reply.

      3. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:

        Enjoy the food when your mommy gets back

      4. J Phoenixsays:

        Did I mention unoriginal also?

      5. J Phoenixsays:

        lol Not even close to striking a nerve. You got an incredulous laugh and a raised eyebrow. I’m a librarian so I’m used dealing with the crude and inarticulate masses. So don’t feel bad, but your going to have to try harder to hit any nerves.

      6. eduardoisafuckingmoronsays:


  42. rogerscorpionsays:

    I agree. Superman doesn’t kill. Also in ‘Superman’, Christopher Reeve rotates the Earth backwards to save Lois. It has been well established that Superman cannot change history. This prevents him from going back in time, to kill Hitler or to save Lincoln.

  43. clearthinkersays:

    If you read the original Batman, he shoots and kills bad guys.
    Superman snapping Zods head, he had to do it. Zod is not human anyway but evil and murderous.

  44. Varietysays:

    Of all the movies on this list, MoS is the one getting the most attention from this article. *sighs*

  45. Joshsays:

    Actually, Batman did eventually kill Joker in The Dark Knight Returns. It was pretty f’ing badass by the way. These movies are just remakes or reboots from someone else’s perspective. The same way that dozens of people write comics that aren’t canon. Take it as you will. If you don’t like it then take a mental note of the writers/producers/directors and don’t watch/read their work anymore. Myself, I welcome a new spin on things. These new spins are usually more gruesome, involving crazy death scenes we normally don’t get to see. I don’t like all of them but things do get old after a while. Everyone has thought “if he just f’ing killed him then he could save so many lives!!!” Killing off main characters is stupid so they don’t usually do that. Sometimes writers will get creative and make something that does not necessarily have to be canon. Just take it for what it is; entertainment.

  46. Queefer Sutherlandsays:

    I will never understand why anybody is upset over Superman not being a pussy in this film.

  47. oldwhiteguysays:

    What if Superman had stuck his thumb up Zod’s butt?

  48. dominosays:

    in regards to stoker, he wasn’t raping her. he was ABOUT to rape her and then uncle charlie comes around. boy is tied up, but manages to knock india down and then get on her (still sporting a nice pair of boxers btw)….. THEN he gets strangled by uncle charlie while india is still underneath the boy, but he isn’t inside her. masturbation to murder, yes. masturbation to a murder while getting raped. no.

  49. Notaspatheticasyousays:

    I have read too many of these comments and have come to one conclusion. Move out of your mothers basement and get a life!!!!!! These are just movies and little books with lots of pictures!

  50. Joe Willardsays:

    Hmmmm, I was going to bitch about how one of the home movies from Sinister (lawn-mowing, anybody?!!) didn’t make it on the list, however, that is when I realized that it was released 10/2012! Dammit!

  51. Kirk Tuttlesays:

    Superman snapping Zod’s neck to save an innocent family did not seem so un-superman like. This is a movie, not a comic book. Also he seemed to be pretty upset about it. Much more than he needed to be.

  52. thorsays:

    In stoker the guy isn’t “inside” India, her uncle appears before the guy can take his underwear and ties up the asshole with a belt.

  53. BJ from SPsays:

    Remember Superman II? He had no hesitation throwing Zod down the ravine in his fortress or about not saving Ursa and Non when they got pushes / fell down.

  54. Jade8503says:

    Stoker is incorrect. He’s not inside her, just on top of her. He never actually rapes her and I believe Uncle Charlie wouldn’t have let that happen either way…

  55. Jimmysays:

    I know I’m late to the party, but oh well…
    I don’t really have any issue with your selections – all seem to be pretty fitting for a list like this. I just find it more odd that you think, for even a second, that you’re the only one doing lists like this. What a weird, douchey way to intro an otherwise fairly well-written piece…

  56. Gabriel Cartersays:

    Who the hell is Batman to tell Superman not to kill. Originally Bruce Wayne murdered people for being chinese or mentally ill (hanging one mentally disabled character from the Batwing). But shooting a mass murdering psychopathic rapist clown? That’s a step too far? Bullshit! Batman not killing the Joker at this point makes him an accessory to the murders that the Joker commits. Why not put the henchmen in Arkham Asylum and put the main villains in Blackgate? That would seem to be a far better plan.

  57. joshsays:

    Saying something as asinine as “why didn’t superman just snap Zod’s neck at the start of the whole thing and avoid all that chaos” is on the same level of stupid as asking why Buster Douglas didn’t just knock Mike Tyson out in the first 30 seconds of the match instead of waiting til round 10.

  58. Andrew Kotwickisays:

    What about the scene in ‘Only God Forgives’ where Chang slowly inserts a metal spike into a gangster’s ear canal?

  59. Jon Brownsays:

    The tounge bisecting thing in Evil Dead wasn’t that disturbing.

  60. Omega Painsays:

    The scene with Superman is just stuipid. 1. The peopel could simply run away from the beam. There was room enough for it. 2. Superman could fly with the guy in the air, so the beam could´t hit the civilians. 3. He brocke the neck in the wrong direction. The beam should hit the civilians.

  61. Jim Farleysays:

    You’re way off with saying that Supe’s neck snap made him one of the monsters. It is NOT violence to protect people from violence using the minimum necessary force. Zod just happened to be such a dick that the minimum necessary force was deadly force. Come on, don’t tell me you’re one of those fans who love it when Superman sits on his hands when evil people destroy lives? Oh, I guess you would just rather have him lecture Zod on morality? Sheesh.

  62. TronSheridansays:

    Sticking a finger in a butt, and it’s not even shown, is one of the most disturbing movie scenes of 2013? DAFUQ? Anyone who has a thorough physical exam (man or woman) gets a finger up their butt on a routine basis. Grow up kid. Yeesh.

  63. mynamesays:

    Call me what ever you like.. but I DO THINK it is cool that Superman snapped Zod’s freakin neck! I was like about DAM time!! YES!! I would have thought it glorious if batman would have shot the freaking JOKER (R.I.P. Heath Ledger) in the face!!! A big FU to people who think the superheros can swoop in and save the day..killing aliens, robots and the like without some cities being torn up! It would be a lot worse if they weren’t there to save the day. In real war there are “casualties of war” so on TV hey get out of the freaking way! Quite a bit of those ‘”innocent” people are killed because they are standing around trying to take pictures and video with their phones! ummm if you! see GIANT freakin monsters GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY! LMAO!….Superman finally with some real balls!! I like it!…….
    I must add as I always do…Christopher Reeves will forever be my favorite superman….(showing my age) LOL. These remakes aren’t an exact science, some of the movies truly suck, some of them have been good. I try and give allowance for the time difference. Films are more violent now, it is what people like to see. Corny lovable Superman probably wouldn’t sell movies as well as neck breaking superman!. Movies have more sex and violence now. Take one of my favorites Maniac (one your list) and another Stoker, can you imagine those movies coming out around The original Superman movies? Times have changed the superheros gotta keep up!!

  64. Dead.Juicesays:

    “Again he has the right to state his opinion because this is a public forum.”
    Technically, this goes for Eeurardo too.

  65. Andrew Dsays:

    I have never seen that superman movie, (except the clip shown) I’m agreed it would have been way better, or EFFECTIVE for the movie at least if he had torn his head or ripped it right off completely, (or maybe something differently entirely as the writer of this suggested) I mean if they were gonna go in that direction of just breaking his neck they could of made it much better, Superman seemed like he had no other choice and was very angry, and it would seem to me that he could tear than mans head right off he wanted to. Maybe if they had put a little more show of that or an insinuation of the head or neck ‘tearing’ maybe it would’ve seemed more SUPER… IMO

  66. Subrat Jainsays:

    crappist list i have ever come across. Man of steel, seriously??

  67. Ghostscriptsays:

    For me it was the self-abortion scene in Nymphomaniac Vol. 2. YEESH!

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