Dominic Toretto Reportedly Getting A Fast & Furious Prequel

Fast and Furious 9

The Fast & Furious franchise may be drawing to an end — with the tenth and penultimate installment coming to theaters in April 2023 — but that doesn’t mean The Fast Saga at large is anywhere close to over.

Dwayne Johnson is finished with the main series, but he remains committed to a Hobbs & Shaw sequel; Charlize Theron’s Cipher is also getting a solo outing, although it hasn’t been confirmed if it’s a different project to the female-driven spinoff (that’s widely expected to be led by Michelle Rodriguez)

Vin Diesel said during the F9 press tours that nothing was off the table. Indeed, we are hearing from our sources — the same ones who told us Han would be returning from the dead in the ninth movie long before it was returned — that a prequel focusing on a younger version of Dominic Toretto could potentially be on the cards.

The ninth entry was stacked with flashbacks, and Dom was played largely by Vinnie Bennett, as well as Diesel’s own son Vincent Sinclair appearing as the ten-year old iteration of the future tank top and family enthusiast. Thus, we’ve seen the patriarch of the core crew played by Vin, Vinnie and Vincent, only two of whom are related. Quite the coincidence.

The leading man and producer didn’t rule out a Dom prequel when asked, and if there’s an appetite for F9‘s flashbacks to be explored in greater detail, then Universal would probably jump at the chance of continuing the Fast & Furious universe in any way possible.