Dwayne Johnson brutally roasts the ‘Suicide Squad’ Ayer Cut

black adam
Image via DC Films

The DCEU’s abandoned SnyderVerse has been the subject of relentlessly intense speculation dating back half a decade, and a lot of it has revolved around Black Adam star and producer Dwayne Johnson.

While he’s guilty of having teased Superman on more than one occasion, fans have been pinpointing The Rock’s impending solo franchise as the means to bring back Henry Cavill’s canonical Kryptonian, and that’s without even bringing up the far-fetched scuttlebutt claiming the A-list megastar would disobey Warner Bros. to single-handedly resurrect and restore the abandoned corner of the mythology of his own accord.

Thanks to Johnson’s recent social media activity, though, all he’s done is ignite the fury of the Suicide Squad Ayer Cut subset. It started innocuously enough, with the 50 year-old hype machine drumming up more buzz for Black Adam‘s impending descent on San Diego Comic-Con.

Almost immediately afterwards, the #ReleaseTheAyerCut Twitter feed jumped into the replies, perhaps hoping that Johnson would acknowledge the long-running campaign to have the maligned antihero ensemble re-edited and re-released in its original form. Unfortunately, the Man in Black’s response was less than encouraging.

Sure enough, the comments range from those who found it hilarious to others who can’t believe that Suicide Squad has been shaded so brutally by a high-ranking member of the DCEU’s onscreen arsenal, one that’s been reminding us for what feels like forever he’s about to change the entire franchise’s hierarchy of power.

That’s not to say Johnson just took a huge sh*t on the Ayer Cut, but it’s clear he’s got more important things on his mind as Black Adam edges closer to release.