Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Trying To Convince Ryan Reynolds To Join The DCEU

Ryan Reynolds

As the biggest, most popular and highest-paid movie star on the planet, Dwayne Johnson usually gets his own way, and with Black Adam finally seeing him lend his talents to the superhero genre after the project spent over a decade in development hell, you can bet your bottom dollar on Warner Bros. going out of their way to establish the antihero as one of the pillars of the DCEU.

You simply don’t sign up a star of Johnson’s fame and magnitude without having big plans in store, and with the 48 year-old also producing all of his own output through his Seven Bucks Productions company, he’s going to have a huge say in the creative direction of what you’d imagine to be a multi-film Black Adam franchise.

Of course, one person that didn’t have much luck playing in the DC sandbox is the world’s second highest-paid actor, Ryan Reynolds, who headlined the disastrous Green Lantern and has spent the last decade apologizing for it. The two A-listers are good friends that have spent a lot of time together recently on the sets of Hobbs & Shaw and Netflix’s Red Notice, and we’ve now heard that Johnson is trying to get his buddy to join the DCEU.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Reynolds had a secret cameo in the aforementioned Hobbs & Shaw and that a Justice League Dark show is coming to HBO Max – Johnson is said to love working with the Deadpool star so much that he’s desperate to get him onboard so they can make a superhero movie together.

As we previously reported, Reynolds has passed on the offer to play Booster Gold, but Johnson is hoping that he’ll change his mind and is now trying to get the actor to join the DCEU. You would imagine that he’s a pretty difficult guy to say no to when he turns on the charm and charisma, and though it remains to be seen if The Rock will be able to convince his buddy, there’s been enough unexpected developments in the DCEU over the last few months that the idea of Ryan Reynolds rejoining the fray to atone for the sins of Green Lantern can’t be completely ruled out.