Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Pushing To Get Henry Cavill Back In DCEU In Big Role

Henry Cavill

The Henry Cavill rumor mill continues to turn in perpetuity, with insider Daniel Richtman typically at the forefront of the speculation. Over the last three months, the tipster has linked the actor to well over a dozen film and television franchises both brand new and pre-existing, on top of the relentless and often conflicting theorizing surrounding his future as the DCEU’s Superman.

If you spout 30 lines of inquiry in regards to a single talent then there’s a distinct possibility that at least some of it will end up being right on the money, and Richtman’s latest is comfortably one of his least far-fetched tales, after he posited that Dwayne Johnson is pushing to get Cavill back into Warner Bros. and DC Films’ shared universe in a big role.

“[The] Rock still pushing for Cavill to come back to DCEU in a big role,” he says.

Looking at nothing but the facts, there are already several major pieces in play towards making a showdown between Black Adam and the Man of Steel a reality. After all, Cavill has at least one picture left on his contract with the studio, and his career trajectory is overseen by manager Dany Garcia, Johnson’s ex-wife, business partner and co-founder of Seven Bucks.

The only feature films that the company has ever attached its name to that don’t star The Rock are Shazam! and upcoming sequel Fury of the Gods, with the first installment ending on a Superman cameo, albeit one without Cavill. Zachary Levi’s title hero and Black Adam are archenemies, too, so there’s not a great deal of narrative legwork required to shuffle the board around and make it happen somewhere down the line, with Johnson already outlining his desires to square off against the Kryptonian in the future.

As always, a lot could change between now and then, but the Black Adam franchise has always felt like the most likely destination for any sort of Henry Cavill comeback.

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