Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Thinks He Can Only Do Black Adam Justice With The SnyderVerse Restored

Hobbs & Shaw Dwayne Johnson

As the intense debate about the future of the SnyderVerse continues to roar on, it’s beginning to get more and more difficult to know what’ll happen, with various conflicting stories circulating about what Warner Bros. intends to do. One of the more recent wrinkles to the tale, though, has been the multiple reports that say Dwayne Johnson may just be the key to the whole thing.

Indeed, as you’ve surely seen, many insiders are claiming that the DCEU’s Black Adam is fighting the #RestoreTheSndyderVerse fight behind the scenes in an attempt to try and convince the studio that picking up from where Zack Snyder’s Justice League left off is the right decision, for a variety of reasons.

However, the world’s biggest movie star hasn’t actually issued any sort of public statement on the matter, despite the fact that he shares plenty of information regarding his upcoming projects with his social media following. In any case, Small Screen is now reporting that Johnson is so adamant about the cause that he thinks he can only do Black Adam justice if the SnyderVerse is restored.

“He feels that his version of Black Adam will only be properly served should the SnyderVerse still be a thing,” says the outlet.

Of course, Black Adam is happening regardless of whether or not Warner Bros. decides to bring the SnyderVerse back to life, but if true, this goes to show how passionate Johnson is about it and how committed he is to restoring the mythology. And with some reports even saying that he can override studio execs when it comes to this since he’s just that powerful and valuable a commodity, he might actually get his way.

In any case, it looks like the fight to restore the SnyderVerse is far from over, and the DCEU’s Black Adam might be the one to save the day in the end. Fingers crossed.