Dwayne Johnson Says There’s Still Much Work To Be Done On Black Adam

black adam

A favored saying among filmmakers is that their work is never really done, it just gets taken away from them at some point, which is largely why Director’s Cuts and such exist. Not many talents are allowed to take as long as they’d want given deadlines and release dates, so almost every project is a race to the previously-agreed finish line.

Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is currently deep in post-production ahead of its theatrical rollout in July of next year, which sounds like an ample amount of time to hammer the comic book blockbuster into satisfactory shape. However, the leading man and producer admitted that there are always ways to make it better, despite previously voicing his pleasure with how things were going so far.

Visual effects are obviously going to require plenty of fine-tuning because few things ruin the immersion of the superhero genre quicker than bad CGI, and there’s going to be a lot of spectacle in Black Adam. Seeing the world’s biggest movie star in cinema’s most popular genre is enough to guarantee success, but that’s not enough for The Rock.

He’s spent fifteen years attached to the title role, so he’s evidently going all-out to ensure the version of Black Adam that reaches multiplexes everywhere is the best he can possibly offer.