Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: The 20 Greatest Avengers

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe dominating the big screen for almost ten years now, the Avengers have become known – no, more than that, beloved – by the mainstream in a way that they never have before. In terms of worldwide recognition and monetary success, the team truly are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at the moment.

While everyone’s heard of the likes of Captain America, Iron Man and Thor, who are the greatest Avengers ever? That’s no easy question to answer. Since their formation back in September 1963, the Avengers has grown from five founding members to encompass pretty much every single hero to ever raise their head in the Marvel universe. Nevertheless, we’ve whittled down that cosmos of caped crusaders to bring you the very finest Avengers of all-time.

One proviso, though: we’ll not be including any heroes who are usually associated with the X-Men, to avoid repeating ourselves from our recent 20 Greatest X-Men Members list. The likes of Beast, Wolverine and Storm have severed on the Avengers’ roster from time to time, though, so they do deserve a quick mention here.

With that out of the way, join us as we take a look back at the best of the best when it comes to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.