6 Reasons That Deadpool Is Better Than Any Marvel Movie


Deadpool may be a Marvel creation, but director Tim Miller and producer/star Ryan Reynolds’ movie version is about as distant as a super-character can get from the usual Marvel Studios hero. Through 20th Century Fox – the studio having the cinematic rights to the character after introducing him in X-Men Origins – Deadpool has been allowed to become very much the anti-Marvel crusader.

Free of any kind of the usual constraints reserved for superhero blockbusters, Miller and Reynolds’ Deadpool movie has evidently been allowed to explore uncharted territory and become something more original. It is within the comic book movie sub-genre but is entirely its own beast, sometimes for worse, but more often for the better.

Had the Deadpool movie come about under the Marvel Studios banner, it would unquestionably have been a very different movie, more in line with the conventional, PG-13-rated Captain Americas and Iron Mans. As it stands, however, the Deadpool movie from Fox stands apart as a singular picture, and here are six reasons why it beats any of Marvel’s efforts.