New Leak Claims To Have Revealed Star Wars: Episode IX’s Title


While the word on Star Wars has been very quiet recently, that’s quickly set to change this weekend as Star Wars Celebration will unveil a plethora of new trailers, information and reveals to gush over.

Though fans are looking forward to hearing about projects such as The Mandalorian and the much-anticipated revival of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, one film that’s released very little information is Star Wars: Episode IX. The upcoming movie, which is set to close the Skywalker Saga, has stayed so quiet that it doesn’t even have an official title yet. Fortunately, this will surely change on Friday as Lucasfilm is set to announce what Episode IX will be called as well bring us the first teaser trailer.

Fans interested in some last-minute speculation on what the title could be though are in luck, as a now-deleted Reddit leak may have disclosed the name of the upcoming film a few days early. The user uploaded a picture of an unofficial poster that reveals the title as Star Wars: Will of the Force. The photo itself should look familiar, too, as it uses the concept art that was leaked online last month. Given that, this could easily turn out to be a fabricated poster, especially since the leaked promo art is supposedly going to be used solely for merchandising purposes.

Even though this title could ultimately turn out to be fake, it’s an intriguing one nonetheless. Will of the Force certainly has a better ring to it than some of the previously rumored monikers such as The Last Hope, A New Order, Balance of the Force and Skywalkers. Additionally, it would make sense as Star Wars: The Last Jedi heavily focused on the mythology behind the Force.

Depending on how much J.J. Abrams chooses to follow the ambitious direction set in course by Rian Johnson, this could be the case with Star Wars: Episode IX as well, making Will of the Force a fitting name for the film. In any case, fans won’t have to wait too much longer for the title to be unveiled, as Star Wars Celebration is only days away. However, we still have most of the year to wait before the flick hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.