Eternals Director Isn’t Attached To Any Star Wars Movie

Earlier this week, it was rumored that Eternals director Chloé Zhao was as good as confirmed to be directing the untitled Star Wars movie being overseen by Kevin Feige.

Although it was an entirely unconfirmed and uncorroborated report, it wasn’t exactly far-fetched. The two-time Academy Award winning filmmaker admitted that not only would she love to tackle a galaxy far, far away one day in the future, but she’d reunite with her Marvel Cinematic Universe boss in an instant.

As tends to be the case more often than not, the story swiftly went viral as fans fully backed the idea of Zhao taking her talents to another Disney-backed property, waiting with bated breath for the official announcement. The only problem is that the initial tale hasn’t managed to escape from the realms of hearsay, even though a Star Wars fan openly happy to work with Feige again presents a logical direction for the hypothetical dominoes to fall.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, Zhao isn’t attached to any Star Wars-related projects, not just the one being developed by Feige. That doesn’t mean it can’t, won’t or shouldn’t happen in the future, but it does indicate that the Nomadland creator’s dance card is clear after her futuristic sci-fi Western version of Dracula.