Eternals Ending Teases Possible Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Connection

eternals celestial

Let’s get the spoiler warning out of the way first before we dive right into the ending of Eternals, which is proving polarizing with critics but popular with fans, and how it could potentially tie into next year’s hotly-anticipated sequel Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

The final act of the movie finds the titular team discover their mission was actually the destruction of Earth all along, with the Celestial Tiamut poised to break forth from under the surface of the planet and wreak untold destruction under the orders of Arishem, but the apocalypse is thankfully averted thanks to our intrepid heroes.

However, Tiamut is still there, lingering in the middle of the ocean. What else resides in the oceans of the MCU? Why, Atlantis of course, and Namor has been heavily rumored as Wakanda Forever‘s major antagonist. As per a new theory from The Direct, a potential shift in the tectonic plates caused by the partially-emerged Celestial could lead to either the discovery of new Vibranium deposits or catastrophic environmental effects for the Atlanteans, both of which would piss off the locals to no end.

There’s also the possibility of Tiamut’s location being in close proximity to Atlantis, and Namor most likely wouldn’t be happy with so many tourists encroaching on his territory. Obviously, much of this is dependent on the Sub-Mariner actually being part of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but all of the signs are pointing in that direction, and we’d heard previously that the climax of Eternals could plant the first seeds for his eventual introduction.