‘Eternals’ star just in the dark as the rest of us waiting for sequel updates

Image via Marvel Studios.

Eternals 2 is leaving all of us on read, including the staring actors who are just as clueless as we are about what is happening with the sequel to the 2021 MCU film. Kumail Nanjiani has discussed that he is just in the dark about what will happen to his character going forward as fans are; unless that’s what Marvel has told him to say… you never know these days.

Nanjiani played one of the more comedic members of the Eternals team, which makes sense given that he is both a comedian and an actor. His character, Kingo, was one of the few Eternals that was living his life in a much more public way setting himself up as a star in Bollywood for almost a century, by pretending to be his own descendent every so often.

It is thanks to his celebrity status that Kingo has remained one of the more relevant Eternals within the MCU having been mentioned in Ms. Marvel when they are discussing Bollywood stars and also having been spotted in a poster in Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. These little easter eggs remind us that he is still a present member of the MCU and has served as an ongoing joke within phase four.

When it comes to his future in the franchise the actor himself is still unsure of what is happening in that regard. When asked in an interview for Total Film if Marvel has any plans to reprise Kingo the actor responded,

“I mean, listen, I have plans today. I don’t know if they have plans. I would love to come back. But I’m sort of waiting to hear when or if that’s going to happen. I’m hoping I get to do more. I had a great time playing that character. It’d be a shame if he’s a sort of one-and-done. But, you know, the decision’s not mine to make.”

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the return of the Eternals, with many worrying that given how poorly the film did critically compared to its peers Marvel Studios may choose to move away from these characters to focus on the higher earners. There has also been plenty of speculation that the sequel will be going ahead, especially after a star who only made his entrance in a post-credits scene let slip that a sequel was on the cards.

This news has not yet been confirmed yet by Marvel, even months later, leaving fans, and obviously, its actors, feeling a little lost in limbo.