‘Eternals’ star shares BTS image of Harry Styles’ deleted scene

While it would have been nice for it to have been kept a secret up until the movie’s release, the spoilerific giveaway that Harry Styles was set to make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the post-credits scene of Eternals may have convinced some fans to head to the theater and check out the comic book adaptation, based solely on his involvement.

After all, the former One Direction member turned solo sensation boasts a massive fanbase that would gladly follow him to the ends of the Earth, so a trip down to their local theater isn’t all that much of a stretch by comparison. It was revealed that the creative team toyed with giving Styles a much larger role in the story, but the decision was ultimately made to save him for the second stinger instead.

Eternals star Lia McHugh has now taken to social media and posted an image from the deleted scene that never made the final cut, which you can check out below.

Given the apparel being sported by Styles, McHugh and Richard Madden, this is from one of the earliest scenes in Eternals, and it would have been curious to see Eros introduced so early on in the narrative, but his eventual debut right at the death still sets Thanos’ brother up for much bigger and better things to come.