Eternals Star Teases [SPOILERS] Future After Post-Credits Scene

Now that Eternals has been released for all the world to see, where fans are getting much more of a kick out of it than critics, you could almost feel the weight being lifted off the shoulders of the cast, who are now free from the shackles of avoiding spoilers at all costs.

Not that the various members of the ensemble will be shouting major plot details from the rooftops, though, but they can at least speak freely to divulge information that they’d been keeping under lock and key since production first wrapped in early 2020.

Prime among them is Kit Harington, who enjoyed quite the post-credits scene when he officially inherited the Ebony Blade, before an offscreen cameo from Mahershala Ali signaled that we could be seeing the former Game of Thrones star in Blade. In an interview with The Direct, Sprite actress Lia McHugh teased that she might not be too far behind him.

“The thing that connected her to Dane Whitman and the story is the fact that her sort of sister, Sersi, is dating him. If that were to continue in this story, I guess she would still have some type of relationship with him.”

Putting two and two together; Sersi told Dane Whitman to reconnect with his estranged uncle, who in the comic books was a very evil man that eventually bequeathed the future Black Knight with the Ebony Blade. Sprite is never too far from Sersi in Eternals, and by extension Harington’s character, so we could be even potentially be seeing another immortal alien or two whenever he returns to the MCU, which looks as though it may be happening in Blade.