Every Major Cameo In Free Guy And Where To Find Them

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy has topped the box office as expected, although a $28 million debut was above projections. The star and producer thanked audiences around the world for coming together to check out his latest movie on the big screen, and there’s plenty of fun to be had with what’s easily one of 2021’s best blockbusters.

The key members of the creative team had been teasing some top secret cameos for a while, and 20th Century Studios’ official website even gave the game away months ago, but plenty of Free Guy‘s A-list guest stars are subtly hidden in the background as opposed to making onscreen appearances as themselves. Naturally, spoilers are ahead as we dive into all of the major surprises.

Channing Tatum is seen in the very first minute of the film as a Free City avatar, before he returns for a lengthier scene later on as we cut between the in-game and real worlds. Stranger Things‘ Matty Cardarople is behind Tatum’s excitement, and his constantly vacuuming mother is voiced by Tina Fey.

Jodie Comer’s Milly meets with a shady character for a deal to try and source hidden code, and the masked man in question is unmistakably Hugh Jackman. We see another figure shortly afterwards in silhouette passing comment on Free City, which is where Reynolds’ buddy John Krasinski makes his contribution, and a bank robber in the first act is brought to life by a certain Dwayne Johnson.

Chris Evans’ reaction to seeing Captain America’s shield has already taken the internet by storm, and gathering such an impressive level of top tier talent for what amounts to very minor roles in the grand scheme of Free Guy just goes to show that Reynolds has plenty of friends in high places.