5 Excellent Critical Film Voices To Follow If You’re Into That Sort Of Thing

Film Critics

Now, I know if you’re reading this that means you come to We Got This Covered for the breadth and depth of coverage this site and its talented writers and reviewers offer any movie fan. Well done! You have excellent taste. But the greatest beauty and usefulness of our internet age is the seemingly limitless number of perspectives at one’s fingertips, and so there’s always more to read, watch and listen to if you want to expand your own perspective and learn and think and all of that.

With the sad passing of Roger Ebert, many avid film viewers have one fewer perspective with which they are able to enrich their movie experience. Ebert was terrific at balancing expert analysis with engaging exposition. There are lots of others who may not do so with the authority of Ebert, but continue in a valuable way: folks like AO Scott of the New York Times and Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune (the two who filled Siskel and Ebert’s chair most suitably), as well as plenty of other old pros. I tend to favor the less traditional critics whose work is geared less towards straight up reviews and summaries and focus on serving up interesting and new ideas and approaches. Which I’m sure everyone else does too, in their own way. These are just my own faves.

Here are 5 film critics that I turn to when I want to read about movies I’ve seen.

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