Exclusive Video Interview: Casey Affleck Talks Manchester By The Sea


Manchester by the Sea is the type of movie that will punch you in the heart one minute and tickle you the next. It’s a movie where even seasoned cinemagoers who feel like or claim to have seen everything are likely to marvel at how director Kenneth Lonergan was able to achieve something new, interesting, painful, hilarious, or beautiful, or some combination of all these things, in every single scene. It’s the type of movie that makes a person reach for the nearest hyperbole to describe it.

The premise here is simple – a man is faced with the task of caring for his teenage nephew after the death of his older brother – but being a Kenneth Lonergan film, we get much more than that. Using this sparse thread, the director weaves a rich tale that contemplates life, death, and everything in between, in a movie that took this year’s festival circuit by storm.

Our very own Darren Ruecker caught it back at TIFF and had the following to say about it in his review:

Sure to be one of the best films of this year, Manchester by the Sea delivers the soaring emotions of melodrama with a masterfully delicate touch.

At the film’s press day in Los Angeles last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with Casey Affleck for an exclusive interview. Over the course of our chat, he discussed how he found humor in the script, what drew him to the project, if it was tough making such an emotional movie and more.

Heard what he had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Manchester by the Sea as it’s now in theatres everywhere!