Explaining The Long-Running Feud Between Anthony Mackie And Tom Holland

Anthony Mackie

When you hear about a pair of major movie stars known for their superhero roles becoming embroiled in a long-running feud, your mind would instantly jump to the constant social media battles between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, who simply refuse to pass up any opportunity to troll or mock each other when it presents itself.

However, Marvel Cinematic Universe alumni Anthony Mackie and Tom Holland have also been known to take regular shots at one another, which dates back to the latter’s introduction to the franchise in Captain America: Civil War. Of course, we should point out that the pair are very good friends, much like Reynolds and Jackman, but it’s still funny to see them continually elevate their rivalry to the next level.

During the promotional circuit for Civil War, Mackie would constantly tell everyone that Holland was a diva who needed an entire entourage of babysitters and handlers to keep an eye on him during his constant juice breaks, and he carried that thread into almost every press interview he did.

For his part, Holland claimed the feud originated when he stole Mackie’s catchphrase. As per the MCU’s Peter Parker, Mackie likes to say “cut the check” whenever he nails a scene, which Holland used during Civil War to crack up the cast and crew, much to the Outside the Wire star’s chagrin. After Mackie said he’d never gotten around to watching Spider-Man: Homecoming, Holland then retorted by saying he hadn’t seen Falcon’s solo movie, either, which was a serious burn.

It’s all in good jest, though, but that would at least explain why Anthony Mackie was so keen to stress that a feature-length version of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier would definitely make more money at the box office than one of Holland’s Spider-Man films.