Ezra Miller Will Reportedly Address Infamous Choking Incident Soon


A year ago this very month, Justice League star Ezra Miller found himself grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons when a video went viral that depicted the actor appearing to choke a female fan who approached him outside of a bar in Iceland. In contrast to what typically happens in cases such as this, when a celebrity’s reputation is at stake, Miller remained silent on the incident and never addressed it. But it’s possible that he now intends to clear the air at last.

Tipster Daniel Richtman has shared that his sources tell him Miller is “planning to openly address” the incident soon. He doesn’t say anymore beyond that, but we can assume that the Fantastic Beasts star will release some kind of statement or possibly discuss his side of the story in an interview in due course. As for why he’s waited so long to do so, we don’t know. However, it’s feasible that he’s addressing it now at the behest of Warner Bros.

ezra miller fantastic beasts

Miller is currently shooting The Flash movie for WB, following filming taking place on Fantastic Beasts 3. With both the DCEU and Wizarding World franchises plagued by controversy lately, the studio is likely very keen to keep a lid on this one. After all, if Miller continues ignoring the violent altercation with a fan, it could hang over both of these films when they release and as such, it’s in Warner Bros.’ best interests to clear the air now in an attempt to preempt a later backlash.

For those unfamiliar, according to eyewitness accounts, Miller was accosted by a group of fans, described as “quite pushy,” who encouraged him to fight back. Being under the influence of alcohol, the actor retaliated, and that’s what was recorded in the video. Ezra Miller was removed from the bar and police decided to take no further action. He managed to weather the storm at the time, too, despite rumors he was going to be fired from The Flash, so is bringing the incident back up now really the right thing to do? That remains to be seen.

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