Here’s How Henry Cavill Could Look As The MCU’s Captain Britain

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is best known among comic fans as the muscular frame filling out the suit of Superman, but should his time in the DCEU come to an unambiguous end, he’s become a top choice for joining Marvel as UK superhero Captain Britain, and some new fan art has now imagined how he might look in the role.

Although Brian Braddock was originally created as a British counterpart of Steve Rogers, his origin involves magical forces rather than being the successful result of a science experiment. After the deaths of his fallen aristocratic parents, he worked in a nuclear research facility that came under attack, and when escaping to find help, was almost killed in a motorbike crash. He was saved by sorcerer Merlyn and his daughter, the guardian goddess Roma, who granted him the Amulet of Right, which transformed him into the superhero champion of the Sceptered Isle.

It’s been repeatedly rumored over the years that Cavill is being considered for the role, although nothing official has ever been stated on both his playing the character or that a movie featuring him is even in the works. However, the MCU’s constantly expanding nature means that comics are being mined ever deeper for new heroes, so his time will likely come sooner or later, especially if the X-Men are going to appear soon as Brian is the twin brother of Psylocke, who held the mantle of the hero herself for a while before joining the mutant team.

The ever shifting nature of the DCEU’s future means that Cavill’s stint as the Man of Steel might not yet be at an end, but even if it were, it’s unlikely he’ll swap Superman’s red and blue suit for Captain Britain’s Union Flag one. After all, he’s probably too closely associated with the Big Blue Boy Scout for producers to truly consider him a viable choice as another hero, especially one of such considerably lower profile.