Fan Art Imagines Luke Cage Star Mahershala Ali As Green Lantern Corps’ John Stewart

Green Lantern

2016 was a huge year for Mahershala Ali. After making an impact on comic book fans with his impressive turn as Cottonmouth in Marvel and Netflix’s Luke Cage, the actor received a great deal of praise for his work in Moonlight, a bona fide Oscar favourite until La La Land came along.

Though he’s already signed up to star in Alita: Battle Angel, you have to believe that there’s more on the horizon for him, especially with his star on the rise. Could he possibly find himself in a superhero film next? There’s been no indication of that just yet, but it wouldn’t surprise us in the least and now, following the emergence of a shortlist of stars being considered for the role of Hal Jordan in Green Lantern Corps, some cool new fan art has made its way online that imagines what Ali could look like as John Stewart.


A fan-favourite character in the eyes of many, John took over the mantle following Hal’s apparent turn to the dark side and starred in the popular Justice League Unlimited animated series. In Green Lantern Corps, it’s thought that the two will team-up in a buddy cop style adventure, though so far, we haven’t heard just who the studio may have their eye on for the part.

That being said, Ali playing Stewart would be nothing short of amazing, as he would bring some real clout to the role. A far more serious individual than Hal, he’d be a good fit for the straight man in this pairing and a high profile superhero role like this would truly elevate the actor to Hollywood’s A-List. Not to mention that his casting would also restore the faith of fans in Green Lantern Corps, especially after the recent news in regards to who’s writing it.