Here’s How Keanu Reeves Could Look As The MCU’s Ghost Rider


Everybody wants a piece of Keanu Reeves these days, and when he eventually finishes shooting the fourth installments of both the Matrix and John Wick franchises, there’s every chance his next move could see him returning to the world of comic book films. Marvel and DC are both incredibly keen on recruiting Reeves for a high profile role in one of their superhero blockbusters, with Kevin Feige basically admitting that they always keep a spot open for him.

However, the actor has previous experience with DC after starring in Constantine over a decade ago, and after admitting that he’d jump at the chance to play the character again, rumors have started surfacing once more of an eventual sequel, as well as speculation that he could possibly reprise the role to make sure Justice League Dark finally escapes development hell.

The Point Break star is frequently in contact with Marvel Studios about potential parts for him to play, too, and we reported recently that Ghost Rider was the latest to be under consideration. Of course, as soon as these things make their way online fan art follows soon after, and you can check out an image of how Keanu Reeves could look as the MCU’s Johnny Blaze below.

For a while, Ghost Rider was set to be the subject of a Hulu series, with Gabriel Luna set to return as Robbie Reyes in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff, but that was quietly abandoned and now the character is free to appear on the big screen. The two Nicolas Cage-starring efforts from a decade ago aren’t particularly fondly remembered, but we’re sure that the fans would be on board for a reboot with Keanu Reeves in the title role.

Tell us, though, who would you like to see play Ghost Rider in the MCU? Sound off down below and let us know.

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