Fanboy Fails: Casting Choices That Everybody Hated But Turned Out To Be Great

Ben Affleck Batman

As soon as Warner Bros. announced that the next actor to don the cape and cowl as Batman would be Ben Affleck, the internet exploded with an array of reasons why Affleck was the worst possible choice for the role. He doesn’t look like Batman. He has a Boston accent. He sucked as Daredevil. He sucks as an actor. Those are just a few of the thousands of reasons that people gave for their disagreement with Warner’s decision.

But fanboys being furious about casting is nothing new. In fact, just about every actor who has ever been cast as an iconic comic book character in a film has been greeted with more than their fair share of naysayers.


On occasion, the complaints are much worse than slight disagreement. There have been a few times when the opposition is so forceful, and so prevalent, that many have thought the movie would have no chance of succeeding (similar to what we’re currently hearing about Batman V Superman).

So, in honor of the vehement opposition that Affleck’s casting has been met with, let’s take a look back at some other casting choices that were initially met with disagreement, but turned out to be smart decisions in the end.