Fans can’t get over Gohan in ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ key visual

Image via Toei Animation

Dragon Ball Super fans are going Super Saiyan on the internet today in reaction to the unveiling of the official visual for the upcoming spin-off film slated for release next year, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

But it isn’t just Earth’s mightiest heroes, the Z Fighters, banding together once again to defend the world that has people’s scouters charting over 9,000 — it’s the look of Gohan front and center in the image.

For many people who grew up watching Dragon Ball Z in the 1990s on either then-UPN or Cartoon Network, it was our first real introduction to anime in general. And during that show, of which Dragon Ball Super is a continuation, the character of Gohan — the son of the protagonist Goku — was teased from the very onset as an unfathomably powerful warrior.

Gohan’s badassery seemed to peak before he even graduated high school, however, with his arc culminating in being the only one powerful enough to defeat the evil android known as Cell. During that final confrontation, Gohan sported a signature purple gi (a holdover from his days training with Piccolo), sharply focused eyes, and intimidating, spikey hair cut.

Since that time, Gohan has steadily leaned more heavily into the scholarly and family-centered side of life, however, trading in his warrior’s costume for an increasingly dorky-looking wardrobe and overall style over the years.

But that look he sported with an edge to it is finally back, apparently. And it looks a lot like where his style from the Cell saga left off, but grown-up this time.

Fans were vocally appreciative of the long-overdue glow-up.

Even Gohan’s face and hairline seemed to be an upgrade. Not to mention throwing that geeky green tracksuit in the trash.

Many agreed; it’s been a while since we’ve seen this version of the GOAT-han.

Of course, some die-hard Gohan Stans didn’t hesitate to point out he’s been a total unit this whole time.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will premiere in 2022.